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* Rare Squirrel card and Jacoby Ellsbury card
with MLBPA Rookie Logo found in 2007 Topps update baseball

* NAXCOM no listing fees auctions
start Wednesday November 7th - we're excited about this and hope it does well for all sports memorabilia fans out there

"Want to win an Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl ring? Here's your chance."

Here's an amazing story from over on the new Beckett Blog. It will blow your mind what these two sports card set collectors accomplished.

* Arthur Shorin Sports Card Industry Icon Part 2
- Topps TV

* "
Mega Tickets are literally the next big thing in sports collectibles," says Dean Macchi, president of That's My Ticket

Due out October 31st Upper Deck Masterpiece Baseball, first ever canvas cards create a one of a kind collecting experience

Have you checked-in with the new Beckett Behind the Scenes blog lately? They've got a post up about the whole notion/conspiracy of card grading companies switching out cards.

* Topps 2007-08 Echelon Basketball
Case Rip-Party

Five Red Sox who have improved their standing in the baseball card hobby

Upper Deck Adds Reggie Bush to All-Star Vinyl Figures

* Varitek gives final ball to Red Sox

* Police officers open sports collectibles store

Simpson case exposes shady side of memorabilia collecting

Santa Rosa, CA - 4 arrested in connection with baseball card theft

Headline from the UK - Hunt for sports memorabilia thieves

Souvenir ball from Game 4 of the 2004 World Series
is Red Sox collectors prized possession

* Who caught Bonds Ball #762?
Right now, no one seems to know

* New England sports card retailers
are doing just fine

* Score Factory Set Live

Topps will be auctioning the original Dick Perez paintings used to create 2007 Topps Turkey Red Baseball

Baseball card collection worth $190,000 to $500,000 completely lost in flood damage

Here's an interesting sports memorabilia article that takes a look at a few items like Rocky Marciano punchbag, Joe DiMaggio’s passport, Michael Jordan’s half-smoked cigar, etc.

* Memorabilia from the 2007 Colorado Rockies run to the World Series
that probably will be worth something

* Sports memorabilia buyer beware

“There has been a rebirth in collecting (sports) trading cards. There has been a dramatic increase and turnaround in the business the past two years. I attribute that to us dedicating our resources at attracting more kids into the market,” says Clay Luraschi, spokesman for New York-based Topps Co.

2007 World Series program showcases great baseball writers "It's probably the most sought-after souvenir of the World Series,"

* 2007 Topps Finest Football

Donruss Produces the Greatest Cards of All-Time

* Upper Deck Offices Closed
for Second Straight Day Due to Fires in CA

Cool story of a sweet pull Troy Tulowitzki 1 of 1 game used card

Beckett has gone "web 2.0" with the launch of it's new blog. Looks like there will be a variety of authors (Beckett employees) posting on the blog. We've heard there are even more exciting changes coming to the Beckett web site.

Upper Deck is bringing back "Backstage Pass" for the 2007-08 NHL season. The program offer collectors the chance to mingle with hockey's brightest stars. The promotion is found in packs of 2007-08 Upper Deck Victory and MVP

Fantastic Ty Cobb 1 of 1 game used bat card being auctioned via Beckett Select Auctions

MLB is donating unsalable 2007 postseason MLB-licensed apparel to children and families in developing countries around the world.

* Arthur Shorin CEO of the Topps Company
and a Sports card industry icon interviewed on Topps TV

* Color photo featuring Lou Gehrig
and several other Yankees players available to bid on in EAC Gallery auction's November auction

Game Used Universe has launched a sports memorabilia auction service using a more interactive format that allows bidders and experts to comment on individual items

* Philip Hughes collects baseball cards.
His recent post about his Upper Deck signing session might just be the message board thread of the year

* The National Sports Collectors Convention’s bankruptcy
proceeding moves forward

* Upper Deck unveils B2B site for hobby retailers

* National Baseball Card Day to return in 2008

A marketing partnership between Donruss and video game giant EA Sports has led to the creation of a 28-card insert set found exclusively in packs of Donruss Gridiron Gear Football.

2007 Topps Sterling Baseball is Bigger and Better

* Sale of the Topps Company is complete

* 1909 Honus Wagner baseball card did not sell
this past week on Ebay. Owner now plans to have the card authenticated

Found baseball cards will be destroyed if not claimed by their rightful owner

Boy is in the right place at the right time to show up on a baseball card

An online auction of Tiger Stadium memorabilia raised about $192,729

Mounted Memories and Schwartz Sports team up with Brian Urlacher to produce some exciting sports memorabilia of the top-notch linebacker

* Baseball card collector invests serious money
in hopes of staking claim to a Honus Wagner card possibly worth hundreds of thousands of dollars

Steiner Sports will sell pages of Joe DiMaggio's personal handwritten diary

* The hobby's most valuable football card sold on eBay recently for a whopping $10,101.51

Beckett did a piece on who's going to win the World Series based on the team that has the highest cumulative Rookie Card values for their respective starting line up and pitching rotation.

* Barry Bonds homerun ball #70
sold for $60,000

Topps TV: Fan gets to meet David Wright and pick a photo to turn into his baseball card. Turn out that Mr. Wright was a huge baseball card fan himself and still collects autographs from all different sports.

One lucky school gets a visit from Hall of Famer Brooks Robinson

The sports memorabilia industry is reported to be worth more than $4 billion in North America and there've been some big happenings of late to indicate things are on the rise."

Texas Tech has banned the sale of a T-shirt
bearing the likeness of Michael Vick hanging the dog mascot of rival Texas A&M

Memory Lane's September Auction Grosses $2.7M. The auction offered more than 1,000 lots of high grade cards that covered every period and era.

* O.J. ordered to surrender memorabilia

Initial 2007 Sweet Spot Classic Baseball Mystery Cuts Revealed

"Like ‘em. Love ‘em. Or loathe ‘em, the hobby needs the New York Yankees."

* Topps Camp Announces Ryan Howard Baseball Clinic

A foul ball turns into a winning piece of sports memorabilia for a 17 year old Red Sox fan

* A Few Vick Cards Slipped Through

Top 10
Most Popular NBA Jerseys in Europe

Authentic Tiger Stadium seats and memorabilia for sale now online

* Post season baseball cards to watch
for an increase...and a slide

Big-market teams could push postseason card sales

* Many Sports Fans, Dealers Are Snubbing O.J. Simpson Memorabilia

McDonald’s Autographed Cards Added to All-New NBA Product

* Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig SP Legendary Cuts
Reel History Print Runs Announced

Card shop has a successful sports card trading night

* NAXCOM is making more of it's new features live. Their new sports memorabilia auctions are coming soon

* Washington Times Article: Vintage sports memorabilia is fetching big money

Donruss Produces the Hobby's Only Collegiate-Themed Set Marks a Return to Baseball

Upper Deck Releases Tom Brady All Star Vinyl Figures

* Troubled sports stars take a hit in sports memorabilia

* EA Sports Faceoff
- win a dream trip to the 2008 NHL All-Star Game and other great prizes

* An interview with Matt Murphy
(caught Bonds HR 756) and the cabbie who missed his chance at a share of the prize.

* A sports artists profile -
Dick Perez has painted portraits of every baseball Hall of Fame inductee.

Young Stars Make Their Mark in
2007 Upper Deck Rookie Threads Football

Check out's New Auction Prices Database, which is set to debut this Friday (Sept. 28). For those looking for results and prices realized from all of the top sports memorabilia auction houses in the country, you'll need to look no further than

* Extensive sports memorabilia collection
features some of baseball's most legendary names

The ball Barry Bonds hit for his record-breaking 756th home run will be branded with an asterisk and sent to the Baseball Hall of Fame, its owner said Wednesday

* Staying away from the shady side of sports memorabilia

* Sports memorabilia enthusiast
uses his collecting passion to teach sales strategies in other venues

* Brooklyn Dodgers memorabilia
and memories live on

The Upper Deck Company is launching a new advertising campaign to help promote collecting football cards

Stars and Rookies Collide in 2007-2008 SP Game Used Basketball

* Eisner, Topps keeping low profile
regarding the future

The 2007 Toronto Fall Expo: A Celebration of Hockey and a Whole Lot More!

Donruss announce winner of trip to London to watch NFL regular season game

* Topps shareholders approve takeover

* Upper Deck Authenticated to produce
Muhammad Ali Historically Accurate Figure

* O.J. has bail set at $125,000

* Barry Bonds not impressed
with man who purchased home run ball #756

Tornante, Madison Dearborn Will Not Raise Price for Topps Company

* Stolen sports memorabilia
not as big a problem as fakes

* How much is OJ's sports memorabilia
even worth these days?

Yankees rookie Shelley Duncan's questionable autograph creates a buzz

You can now vote on what happens to Barry Bonds #756 home run baseball. The new owner has created a web site which allows users to vote to either send the ball to the Baseball Hall of Fame, brand the ball with an asterisk and then send it to the Hall, or send the ball into outer space!

The Future is Now in New Upper Deck Baseball Release: 2007 Upper Deck Future Stars Baseball

The fan who caught Jim Thome's 500th home run ball turns out to be incredibly unselfish.

* O.J. Simpson Arrested
in Armed Robbery of Las Vegas Hotel Room

Suspect Arrested in O.J. Simpson Las Vegas Sports Memorabilia Robbery Case

* Baseball cards stolen from vendor
during festival

* George Washington piece of hair card
finally sells, but not without controversy and for less than the seller had hoped for.

* Bonds' homerun baseballs #755 and #756
sell at auction for more than expected

* Johnny Damon sells a fly ball
to one heckling fan for $20 and then proceeds to give the money to a young fan a few seats away.

Television Writer Buys What Some Are Saying Are Michael Vick Apology Notes

OJ SIMPSON UPDATE - Police say OJ Simpson is a suspect in casino room and sports memorabilia related break-in

History Comes Alive in 2007 SP Legendary Cuts Baseball. This one is worth visiting just to see the picture of the Lou Gehrig game-used cut autograph card!

A stellar review of 2007 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Football

Game Exclusives is marketing a new NFL player of the week game used memorabilia campaign.

Here's a possible first, a fan featured on a trading card. Topps is considering putting the fan, Matt Murphy, who caught Bonds famous 756 homerun ball, onto a trading card.

* OJ Simpson questioned in Las Vegas about a
break-in involving sports memorabilia

Here's a good editorial about why a seller might
select one sports memorabilia grading service over another

* Beckett Basketball
Readers Choice Awards

Donruss Teams Up with card shop for Pack Wars

A massive collection of Green Bay Packers memorabilia is going up for auction.

* Topps Files Investor Presentation Urging Stockholders
to Vote 'For' the $9.75 Per Share Cash Tornante-Madison Dearborn Merger

Bond's homerun baseball #756 approaches $250K

TuffStuff Sweepstakes giving away stacks of great autographed photos and sports memorabilia including bobbleheads, autographed balls, bats, mini-helmets....

* Pedro Martinez donated the jersey that he wore
while recording his 3,000th career strikeout to the National Baseball Hall of Fame

ThePit will be expanded into First Cover Sports Illustrateds

* Imagine Sports® Scores Deal with MLB Advanced Media

* Owning a sports memorabilia shop is a dream come true

* Sports collectibles fill new store at Paradise Valley Mall AZ

* Vick Apology Script
is on Ebay

WOW! "The Card" sells again. This time for $2.8M

$2,000 reward offered in theft of baseball cards

* Steiner to pair up with the Red Sox and Dodgers to offer unique sports memorabilia to fans of both teams

Beckett card grading customers can now add one line of text, up to 28 characters, to their grading labels.

* These redemption cards out of 2007 Sweet Spot Classic will now be classified as uncorrected errors.

Information about 2007 Upper Deck Premier football cards

* Etopps football cards
arrive next week

* Here's an interesting article about some vintage Mexican baseball cards that went up for auction on Ebay.

* Upper Deck’s All Star Vinyl set to release three new versions of Green Bay’s Brett Farve

* As reported by Beckett - For the first time since 2003, the
Canadian Football League has a mass-produced football card set to call its own.


* Chewed-up Michael Vick cards go for $7,400

* Joe DiMaggio empire? What this powerful name might do for pizza, coffee, casinos, etc.

* Upper Deck Basketball Unveils New Regional Sets
; Exclusive East & West Versions

What do these things have in common... Hollywood, sports, classic television, and music? Answer  - they're all featured in Donruss Americana.

Topps "Turn Back the Clock Night" is back with a new Topps NFL card every week.

* Topps Delays Vote
on Buyout Offer

Here's a cool auction to watch:

Vick Cards Find Dog Bowl
at Pack Ripping Event

Sports memorabilia shop owner pulls all Michael Vick inventory from his shelves to the tune of $40,000

Upper Deck has pulled out all the stops to make sure the return of Goudey Baseball is regarded as the “must have” vintage set of the year. 

* 2007 Donruss Threads Footballs
Exclusive to Retail

The Artist And The Baseball Card. A traveling art show featuring an artistic interpretation of baseball cards.

David Ortiz Ebay car auction ends with no legitimate bids.

Harlem Residents Outraged by Sale of Major League Baseball Caps With Gang Colors

* Recommendation made for Topps Company share holders
to vote against Michael Eisner's offer on August 30th.

Big Names Hit Sports Collectors Expo

To Bedard
"Could you sign it '2007 Cy Young Winner?'"

Donruss Produces Football Cards for the World Champion Colts

Joba Chamberlain rookie card and Barry Bonds 756 commemorative insert cards planned as part of 2007 Topps Updates & Highlights MLB to be released in October.

Man might use sports memorabilia to stay out of jail.

* David Ortiz is auctioning his sweet red convertible
, plus Ortiz will deliver the car to the buyer at Fenway! You can see the auction here. (Right now it's up to $465,300.00)

Upper Deck Terminates Offer for Topps

* Boys Collecting Sports Cards Grows From 9% to Over 40%
According to Leading Kids Survey

* Topps 2007 TX Exclusive Football
Rip-Party !!!

* 2007 Topps Finest Baseball Rookie Card Redemption # 10
is New York Yankees Pitcher Joba Chamberlain.

Tea for two and football too! The NFL goes to London and Donruss is giving you a chance to tag along.

Sotheby's to
Auction Barry Bonds' 755, 756 Balls

Topps Comments on ISS Recommendation


An update on the The Beckett Sports Collectibles Road Show

Sports card hobby shop makeover winner gets his prize from the NBA

Here's an interesting perspective of one shop owner on the subject - What If Upper Deck Buys Topps?

Jason Giambi and Darryl Strawberry inscribed baseballs includes "Everybody deserves a 2nd chance."

Tom Glavine has donated a game-used jersey and ball from his 300th victory to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Craig Biggio bat that hit number 3000 presented to Hall of Fame


* McFarlane Toys releases Barry Bonds commemorative figure

* Looking to make some money investing in sports memorabilia? Here's a quote from this recent news article; "You can turn those years of collecting memorabilia into cold, hard cash if you play your cards right."

* Upper Deck has partnered with the Phillies to create team trading card sets.

* Donruss Produces Cowboys Set for Kids Club

* Fan who caught the Barry Bonds record-tying ball #755 will have it up for auction Aug. 28-Sept. 14

* Latest Bonds memorabilia on display in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

* Topps Unveils Finest Baseball Rookie Redemption # 8

* Woman busted for scamming people on ebay with her baseball card auctions.

* So what determines the value of the bonds ball?

* Bonds memorabilia may skyrocket in a "hundred years or so".

* More about the young man who caught "the ball".

* 22 year old comes up with Barry Bonds home run ball #756.

* Mother Teresa autographed card!

* The batting helmet worn by Barry Bonds while hitting #756 is heading for Coopers Town.

* Here's another review of the National Convention by the folks over at TuffStuff. Points out a bit of auction controversy as well.

* Here's a review of the National Sports Collectors Convention by the guys over at Card Corner.

* Mastro Auctions' first-ever live auction was a resounding success.

* Expiration of the HSR Act waiting period satisfies one of the conditions to Upper Deck's tender offer.

* Controversial Babe Ruth autographed baseball leaves family frustrated

* eBay's Largest Consignment Seller of Sports Memorabilia Offers 100% Commission-Free Auction for Barry Bonds Home Run Ball #756

* Topps has gone back in history and created a classic collection of "Cards That Never Were” and is being sold exclusively on starting today.

* David wells owns a one of a kind triple autographed baseball. Autos include.....Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, and Barry Bonds!

* What's Greg Oden think about signing on actual basketball cards verses signing stickers? Here's a piece of his response, the rest can be found over on Beckett.
"I like signing the cards themselves. It's cool to see what the cards are going to look like. With the sheets of stickers, I always seem to mess up either the bottom or top row of autographs."

* Beckett has put together some comments from those attending the 2007 National Sports Collectors Convention. Overall sounds like a really positive outing for those participating in the show.

* A quote from an attorney points out the harsh reality in the sports memorabilia world "Fraud is rampant in the sports memorabilia industry, and we allege that he was a victim of that fraud,"

* What happened in the the rush to obtain Arods homerun baseball number 500? One fan who saw it go down says this "But once it hit, it was a brawl; everyone just sort of went for it."

* The lucky fan who got Barry Bonds' home run ball, No. 755.

* Barry Bonds donates the batting helmet he was wearing to hit 755 to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

* Barry Bonds' 70th home run ball from his record-breaking 2001 season sold for just $14,400 at auction after previously selling for $60,000 and valued at about half that.

* Upper Deck to Feature Newest Celtic In First Edition Basketball Set to Release in September

* LeBron Set to Debut His Upper Deck All-Star Vinyl Action Figure; Figure Release on August 7

* Schwartz Sports acquired by Dreams, Inc.

* Babe Ruth items will soon be heading to auction. Memorabilia will include furniture, Ruth's favorite hunting hat, photos, signed contracts, balls and more!

Are you getting what you paid for in those manufactured autographed cards? Graded autographed cards vs authenticated autographs can be two different animals.

Have you seen the new MLB baseball card commercial?

Here's what to expect at the Donruss corporate both at the National.

Here's what to expect at the Topps corporate both at the National.

* The world’s most famous sports collectibles show starts tonight


Baseball card news from June/July 2007