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There are a lot of ways available for you to try and sell your sports cards. One of the more traditional ways is to go to your local baseball card shops to see if they would be interested. Ideally you'd go to the shop where you purchased the cards. It does seem that fewer shops are buying these days, some still are though so it's definitely worth a try.
There are also shops that will sell your cards for you via the Internet and charge you a commission for their time and effort to do this. The truth is that you might have to do a bit of work in order to sell your cards. You may have to adjust your expectations about how much money you'll make, but if you're persistent, it's likely that you will find collectors out there who will buy your baseball cards.

1. Learn how to use and sell them your self. Do your home work first. Start using our resources to find out how much your baseball cards sell for. If you discover that you truly do have cards that are worth selling, using Ebay is often a good way to go. has many tools available to people looking to sell their sports cards. Many people also have success selling sports cards on

2. We've put together a list of dealers who claim to buy baseball cards, check out the we buy baseball cards page to view this list. You can also visit our link list of sports card dealers to see if any of them would be interested in buying your cards. You'll want to do your homework on the people who might be buying to make sure it's legit, and be sure to ask for references.

3. Find sports card shows in your area and try to sell them to the dealers at the show.

4. Join a sports card community web site that allows people to sell their cards to the other members of the site. is a popular one for this.

5. Search the Internet for people who are actively buying baseball cards or other sports cards. Do searches for things like "buying baseball cards" and "sell your baseball cards". Remember to do your homework on the people who might be buying to make sure it's legit, and be sure to ask for references.
More Tips for selling your baseball cards
Here's a few more tips for selling your baseball cards on ebay. Remember to do your homework! You don't want to spend the time and effort trying to sell cards that won't sell for enough to make it worth your while or enough to pay the listing fees to ebay. Take the time to search ebay and see if the sports cards that you want to sell are currently selling. Don't forget to do your homework on all of the big sites such as Ebay, Beckett, and (formerly Naxcom). There's also a relative newcomer in the world of online baseball card buying and selling scene worth your investigating called
If you have a large quantity of fairly common cards it's often best to sell them all as a lot instead of one by one. On the other hand, if you find that you have a few valuable cards mixed in, you'll likely do better selling those individually.

If you find that you do have sports cards that sell well out there on the Internet, you should take the time to really learn how to use ebay and sell the cards yourself. You could pay someone to sell them for you on ebay for a commission, but that will substantially cut into your profits! Many card shops do sell baseball cards for their customers on ebay for a commission, so if you're interested in having someone sell them for you, contact your local sports card shop.
Your going to need a scanner so that you can take nice scans/pictures of the sports cards and post them in your auctions.
Start small! Begin with one small auction so that you learn the process thoroughly before really diving into it full speed. Sometimes it's worth while paying a little extra listing fees on ebay in order to make sure that the cards you're selling are found by the people searching ebay. It's also a good idea to add the gallery listing option, that's the little green camera image that appears when you search the various auctions and let's you know that there's a picture of the item listed for sale. People really like to see what they are buying!
Once you've posted your sports card auctions you should do a search on ebay to make sure they're showing up in the category you want them to appear in along with the gallery listing icon/picture.
It's often a good idea to start the bidding very low (or even no reserve price) in order to attract interest in your auctions. The idea is to get people bidding, the more bidding the better! Often people will not bid on items with too high of a starting price. Again, do your homework and see what other people are doing with similar cards to the ones you're trying to sell..
Cherish and protect your ebay feedback! Treat the people you deal with politely and provide excellent customer service. Negative feedback can destroy your chances for being successful with online auctions, so do all that you can to do a good job with your customers.
 If you're going to ship cards in the mail, you should learn how to package baseball cards properly.

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