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Book Title: The Sports Card Collectors Guide to Trading on the Internet

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Chapter 1 - Now that’s progress!
Chapter 2 -
Tools required
Chapter 3 - How to trade
Chapter 4 - Packing and shipping
Chapter 5 - After the trade: the good, the bad and the…gulp…ugly.
Chapter 6 - Upgrade and MAKE $MONEY$
Chapter 7 - The BIG LIST of “Smart trader tips”
Sports card resources

Sports card resources

Over the years I have had the pleasure of using several excellent sports card resources on the Internet. I have listed some of my personal favorites below and hope that you get some benefit out of these recommendations.

Trading Sites
There are many sports card trading web sites out there these days. I hope that you give them all a try and decide to make your home for online sports card trading. You will find that we provide a safe and fun place to trade.

Thankfully more and more sports card collectors are turning to the blogesphere to discuss this great hobby! Here are a few baseball card blogs that you might want to add to your daily reading: (or start one of your own!)
The Baseball Card Blog
Treasure Never Buried
Beckett Behind The Scenes
Dinged Corners
What don't these guys do? As with their dominance of the market place with their printed materials and guides to sports cards, their Internet presence is a force to be reckoned with as well. The Beckett web site is packed full with great information about all areas of collecting including price guides, an excellent card grading service, release dates, a market place, trading boards, reviews, news, auctions, etc!
If there comes a time that you would like to buy or sell sports cards on the Internet it is likely that eBay will be a good place for you to do it. eBay is still the king of all auction sites. There are many good resources available for you to learn how to use eBay, including resources right on the eBay site. When you do decide to use eBay, you will find that you will be able to use many of the same suggestions in this trading guide. (Newly re-named also has auctions!)
Online since 2001 is another great place to buy and sell sports cards. One unique feature at NAXCOM is the ability for users to post not only sales offers but purchase offers as well. NAXCOM also offers a Buyer Protection Guarantee with every purchase, where buyer's funds are placed into a holding account until their item is received and approved. NAXCOM also offers Seller Protection Guarantee, where sellers are guaranteed to receive their payment for a successful sale. NAXCOM is also one of the country's largest collectibles show promoters, with more than 100 show dates annually. and
Ebay and NAXCOM work great for most collectors. However, if you’re searching for or selling high-end cards or sports memorabilia and are a couple of fantastic specialized auction sites you should be aware of.
Owned by NAXCOM, is a market place to buy and sell sports cards; however, it’s modeled after a stock market and not an auction site. As with the real stock market, the pit displays the real-time market value fluctuations in the prices of sports cards based on supply and demand. Unlike traditional Internet auctions, you are only dealing with when you trade in their exchanges. also guarantees each transaction, buying or selling. (yes the Topps Company) cards are actual sports cards that you can choose to buy, trade, sell, or track online without ever even actually having the cards in your hand. You can also play or make up games with fellow Etopps collectors and use your cards as the wager. Also, each week they release a limited-time Rookie card. Etopps is tied into eBay and Etopps cards can be swapped or purchased on the eBay site. Etopps collectors have a portfolio that displays the values of their cards partly based on what the cards are selling for on the Etopps trading floor. Collectors can also choose to have their cards sent to them!
Krause Publications produces the well known Tuff Stuff sports card magazine and has a web site to go along with it. You will find a lot of good information on this site, check lists, and sports card news. The parent site to is called and has resources for all different types of collectibles.
Sports Collectors Digest (SCD) has been published for the past 30 years by Krause. The Digest covers all aspects of sports memorabilia collecting including sports cards, equipment, autographs and uniforms.
Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) is a very well established third-party sports card authentication service. PSADNA.COM is the division of PSA that specializes in autograph authentication service.

Sports Market Report (SMR)
If you're thing is collecting graded sports cards and other sports memorabilia, you'll want to check out SMR. The publication also has some online accessibility as well. Sports Market Report is published by the folks at Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA). Learn more about Sports Market Report.
If you are looking to purchase high quality authentic sports memorabilia be sure to browse through the inventory at
Tri-star is one of the premier producers of authenticated, autographed sports memorabilia. They also put on some of the best sports collectible events in the country. and
Need some top loaders, boxes or any other sports memorabilia storage device? If you can’t purchase your supplies from a local card shop, and are the online places to pick up whatever you might need. and and are free online photo album services that you can use to display your collection and the cards that you have for trade. It’s very common for traders to ask to see photos of cards that they are trading for.

Sports card manufacturers

Donruss/Leaf (Playoff)
2300 E. Randol Mill Road Arlington, Texas 76011
(817) 983-0300

16776 Lakeshore Drive #C, PMB 231 Lake Elsinore, CA 92530
(909) 678-6449

One Whitehall Street, New York New York 10004-2109
(212) 376-0300 or fax (212) 376-0623

Upper Deck (also now owns the Fleer trade name)
5909 Sea Otter Place Carlsbad, CA 92008
(760) 929-6500


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