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1OH1cards Baseball Trade Page

Welcome To My Trade Page,I am Usually Easy To Trade With ALWAYS Looking for Detroit Tiger Auto's,#ED Cards (Most),Game-Used and Vintage 1970 and Older, Will Check Out Trade Pages and Consider ALL Offers. Most of the Time I check My Email Every Day,But Sometimes
Life Gets in the Way,Thanks LETS MAKE A DEAL. Cards For Trade and
Sale If Interested (Usually Half/or Less BV Postage Paid) 1OH1cards

Cards Marked **HTG** Are Harder to Trade for, Must Be Card for Personal Collection or ONE HECK of a Offer.

Cards Marked *ARE IN-Possibile/Pending Trade*

-----------This Is a VINTAGE List of Baseball cards 4-Trade--------

----1954 Topps----
16 G Front has wear Vic Janowicz
21 G-VG- Corner wear lite crease Bobby Shantz
61 VG Corner Wear Bob Cain
66 VG Lite corner crease Ted Lepcio (Red Sox)
130 VG+ oc Hank Bauer (Yankee)

487 Mickey Mantle A.S. EX+ **HTG**

75 G,92
415 B.Maz EX+,419 Braves (CL Marked),484


380 Rocky Colavito VG Soft Corners (Ink on Back)



195 O.Cepeda,343 Young W.Stargell



--------------Baseball Set Lists of Needs-------

----1960 Topps PSA Graded Cards----
Will Trade for Most ANY PSA Graded 1960 Topps Baseball

----1960 Topps----


----1971 Topps----





----1972 Topps----




----1974 Topps----




----1977 Topps----
**NO INK** Need Upgrade
134,183,597 (They Are Team CL Need UN-Marked)

----1984 Donruss---- (Set #2)


----2009 Heritage----


----2010 Heritage---- (Have MANY Extra Base for Trade)

----2011 Heritage---- (Have Many Extra Base for Trade)


**Need the Letter "D" in Any Baseball need Blue or
Black with white Back round Player Doesn't Matter**

Will also trade for:

Al Kaline-Most
Norm Cash-Most
Hank Greenberg-Auto/G-Used
Rocky Colavito-Auto
Ernie Harwell-Auto
George Kell-Auto
Harvey Kuenn-Auto
Justin Verlander-Auto
Austin Jackson-Auto
Miguel Cabrera-Auto
Johnny Damon-Auto's(Any Team)
Barry Sanders-Auto's & Rookie (1989 Score Only)
Steve Yzerman-Auto's & Rookie (1984 Topps & OPC)

Certified Auto's of Detroit Tigers (In Tigers Uniform)
Certified AUTO's of retired players
Muliti Colored G-Used of Above Players
Detroit Tigers #ed Cards-Golds,Inserts,Refractors,ETC (Any)

1970-And Older Detroit Tiger Stars/Commons

2001-2011 Topps Gold Boardered Detroit Tigers (ANY In Tigers Uniform)

----Sets Needed----
(Larger Starter Sets Also Considered)
1970 Topps
1975 Topps VG+ or Better
1976 Topps VG+ or Better

----Topps Heritage Seat Relics----
Most Any Seat Relics From Any Sport Any Brand (Unless I Have It,
Have List is at the Bottom of my Trade Page)

----------------- Cards Below are for TRADE----------------------

----------Baseball----------Autographs Certified 4-TRADE----------

Tommy John 2002 Topps Archives TAA-TJ 68 Topps Re-Print (White Sox)
Jack McDowell 2004 Topps Fan Favorites FFA-JM (White Sox)
Steve Sax 2004 Topps Originals 1987 #ED/215 (Dodgers)
Ron Cey 2003 SP Authentic Chirography CE #ed 71/345 (Dodgers)
Davey Lopes 2004 UD Legends #94 (1974) (Dodgers)
Steve Balboni 2004 UD Classic Scripts AU-61 (Yankees)
Bill Madlock 2006 Fleer Greats of the Game #7 (Pirates)
Bobby Grich 2004 Donruss Recollection Coll.82 Donruss #11/88(Angels)
Matt Williams 2000 SP "Buy Back Auto" #ED/529 (Diamondbacks)X2
Lenny Dykstra 2004 Topps Finest "Finest Moments" FMA-LD (Mets)
John Kruk 2008 TriStarSiga Cuts Limited ED.#ed 19/20 (Padres)
Andre Thornton 2008 TriStar Signa Cuts Limited Ed.#ED 09/25 (Indians)
Darrell Evans 2001 Topps Archives 1970 Re-Print #123 (Braves)
Sean Casey 2000 SP Authentic Chirography SC (Reds)
Sean Casey 2000 Fleer Autographics (Reds)
Sean Casey 2005 Leather & Lumber *W/Jersey* #ED 12/32 (Reds)
Johnny Cueto 2009 Topps Ticket to Stardom TSAR-JCC #ED/489 (Reds)
Jack Cust 2008 UD Goudey Graphs GG-JC (Athletics)
Austin Kearns 2008 Topps Highlights HA-AK (Nationals)
Matt Joyce 2008 UD Timeline Baseball #122 (Tigers)
Matt Joyce 2008 Topps Stadium Club RC (Tigers)
Juan Encarnacion 1999 SP sinature edition (Tigers)
Carlos Pena 2002 Donruss Originals SM-29 #ED 31/50 (Tigers)
Carlos Pena 2009 Topps Uncirculated #6 (Rays)
Steve Baron 2009 Donruss Elite Extra ED. #79 #ED/700 (Seattle)
Zach Collier 2009 Bowman BPA-ZC (Phillies)
Russ Ortiz 2005 Donruss Signature Series #ED 25/25 (Diamondbacks)
Dustin Moseley 2008 Topps Highlights HA-DM (Angels)
Kevin Hart 2008 UD Ballpark Collection #137 (Cubs)
David Patton SP Authentic By the Letter (O) #ED 80/100 (Cubs)
Justin Bristow 2010 Bowman BPA-JB (Cubs)
Andrew Jones 2000 SP Authentic Buy Back ED#198/531 (Braves)
Rafael Furcal 2000 SP Authentic Chirography (Braves)
Joey Devine 2006 Bowman #222 #ed 500/500 (Braves)
Josh Anderson 2008 SPx #118 (Astros)
Eric Hacker 2010 T.Finest Letter(E)Patch Card #ed 124/217 (Giants)
Daniel McCutchen 2010 T.Finest By the Letter Ref(C)#ED/75(Pirates)
Chris Duffy 2007 SP Authentic By the Letter (P) #ED 1/75 (Pirates)
Jack Wilson 2003 Leaf Second Edition #176 (Pirates)
Corey Hart 2008 UD Documentary CH (Brewers)
Robbie Shields 2011 Heritage Minor League RA-RS #ED 786/861
Evan Crawford 2011 Heritage Minor League RA-EC1 #ED 443/861

----------------Dual Certified Auto's 4-Trade----------------------

J.Thompson/N.Maronde 2008 UD USA Baseball National Team (USA Baseball)

-----------------****NOT CERTIFIED Auto's 4-TRADE****----------------

Al Kaline 2003 Topps All-Time Fanfavorites (Tigers)
Al Kaline 2004 Topps All-Time Fanfavorites (Tigers)
Billy Hoeft 1983 Re-Print Signed in Pen No.18 (Tigers)
Virgil Trucks 1994 Ted Williams Card Co.#34 (Tigers)
Charlie Lau 1958 Topps #448 (Tigers)
Joe Niekro 1972 Topps #216 (Tigers)
Milt Pappas 1972 Topps #208 (Cubs)
Pat Sheridan 1984 Donruss #588 (Royals)
Walt Terrell 1984 Donruss #640 (Mets)
Tom Brookens 1984 Topps #14 (Tigers)
Tracy Jones 1990 Donruss #636 (Tigers)
Lou Whitaker 1992 Donruss Triple Play #177 (Tigers)
Chris Shelton 2006 Allen Ginter #70 (Tigers)
Chris Shelton 2006 Fleer Tradition #175 (Tigers)
Brent Clevlen 2007 Topps #59 (Tigers)
Bob Friend 3x5 Card Auto with 1959 Small Sticker on 3x5 (Pirates)

-----------------------GAME-USED 4-TRADE----------------------------

Jeremy Bonderman 2003 Playoff #ed 08/25 D.Blue POG-85 (Tigers)
George Foster 2002 SP Legendary Bat B-GFo (Reds)
Dave Parker 2002 SP Legendary Bat B-DPa (Pirates)
Don Sutton/B.Webb 2009 SP Leg.Cuts Dual Jersey GM-SW (Dodgers/DBacks)
Craig Monroe 2005 Donruss Champions Bat #156 (Tigers)
Miguel Cabrera 2004 Fleer Tradition Jersey SO-MC (Marlins)
Miguel Cabrera 2005 Turkey Red Jersey No.TRR-MC (Marlins)
Miguel Cabrera 2005 Topps Gallery Jersey GO-MC (Marlins)
Miguel Cabrera 2006 Topps A.S.Game Stitches Jersey AS-MC (Marlins)

-----------------------Graded Cards 4-TRADE--------------------------

BVG Beckett 1960 Topps #556 Charlie Neal All Star 6.5 EX-MT
WWW.SGCCARD.COM 1961 Topps #490 Jim Bunning 70 EX+
PSA 1960 Topps Jimmie Dykes #214 EX-5 *NQ*
PSA 1984 Topps Steve Yzerman Rookie NM-MT 8 *NQ*
PSA 1983 Topps #490 Jim Palmer NM-MT 8 *NQ*
PSA 2007 Bowman Chrome Brennan Boesch #BC13 MINT-9 *NQ*
PSA 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey JR Star RC #1 NM-7 *NQ*

PSA 1960 Topps #370 Bill Skowron PSA/DNA Certified AUTO (Yankees)

---------------------Sets For TRADE--------------------------

1990 Upper Deck & Update Trade for $30 (Plus Postage)
2008 UD Masterpieces (No SP's)Trade for $70 (X2)

--------------------Topps Surf Books to TRADE-----------------

White Sox
-----------------------------Football 4-Trade------------------------

1958T-John Unitas #22 EX (OC)
1959T-Y.A. Tittle #130 EX (OC)
1969T-Nick Buoniconti #192 EX
1972T-Gale Sayers #110 EX
1973T-Ken Anderson #34 VG (Rookie)
1974T-Paul Warfield #128 EX
1974T-John Riggins #280 EX+
1975T-Harold Carmichael #80 EX+ (OC)
1975T-Archie Manning #135 VG+
1975T-John Hannah #318 EX++
1976T-Charley Taylor #450 EX (OC)
1976T-Roger Staubach #395 EX
1982T-Joe Montana #489 Record Breaker EX
1983T-Joe Montana #4 Record Breaker EX-NMT

1996 Donruss #ED Elite Series Inserts Gold #ED 2000, Silver #ED 10,000

2-Barry Sanders #ED Gold 0713/2000,1376/2000
4-Curtis Martin #ED Gold 0009/2000
7-Steve Young #ED Gold 0293/2000,1693/2000 Silver 04797/10,000
8-Dan Marino #ED Silver 01948/10,000
11-Kerry Collins #ED Silver 00071/10,000,06268/10,000
12-Drew Bledsoe #ED Silver 00512/10,000,04726/10,000,05119/10,000
15-Deion Sanders #ED Silver 02180/10,000,04498/10,000,06641/10,000
16-Isaac Bruce #ED Gold 0160/2000
18-Tim Biakabutuka #ED Gold 1839/2000 Silver 01747/10,000,04102/10,000
19-Lawrence Phillips #ED Silver 07668/10,000,06877/10,000

------Seat Relic HAVE List-- Seat Cards W/Paint Harder TTF------


2001 Donruss Classic's Stadium Stars
SS-13 Willie McCovey *Three Rivers Stadium* (W/Red Paint)

2001 Donruss Classic's Benchmarks (Three Rivers Stadium Bench)
BM-07 Frank Robinson
BM-22 Joe Morgan

2002 Fleer Authentix Ballpark Classics W/Game-Used
BC-CF Carlton Fisk *County Stadium*
BC-PM Paul Molitor *County Stadium*(W/Green Paint)

2002 Topps Archives
TSR-SA Sparky Anderson *Tiger Stadium*
TSR-SA Sparky Anderson *Tiger Stadium (W/Green Paint)NFT

2002 Heritage Grandstand
GG-BM Billy Martin *Yankee Stadium*
GG-BS Bobby Shantz *Shibe Park*
GG-HN Hal Newhouser *Tiger Stadium*

2003 Heritage Grandstand Glory
GG-AK Al Kaline *Tiger Stadium* HTTF
GG-AP Andrew Pafko *Milwaukee County Stadium*
GG-WS Warren Spahn *Milwaukee County Stadium*

2005 Heritage
FR-AK Al Kaline *Tiger Stadium* HTTF
FR-EB Ernie Banks *Wrigley Field*

2006 Heritage
FR-AK Al Kaline *Tiger Stadium* HTTF
FR-BR Brooks Robinson *Baltimore Memorial*
FR-BR1 Bobby Richardson *Yankee Stadium*

2007 Heritage
FBR-AK Al Kaline *Briggs Stadium* HTTF
FBR-LB Lew Burdette *County Stadium*
FBR-RS Red Schoendienst *County Stadium*

2008 Stadium Club
SS-LP Lou Piniella #ED 69/89 *Yankee Stadium Dugout Bench* (Blue)

2009 Heritage-NFT
FR-AK Al Kaline *Briggs Stadium*
FR-BR Brooks Robinson *Memorial Stadium*
FR-EB Ernie Banks *Crosley Field*
FR-LA Luis Aparicio *Briggs Stadium*

FSR-EF Ebbets Field
FSR-SS Seals Stadium

2010 Heritage
FSR-AK Al Kaline *Tigers Stadium Seat* (W/Green Paint)NFT
FSR-BR Brooks Robinson *Memorial Stadium Seat*
FSR-EB Ernie Banks *Wrigley Field*
FSR-JP Jim Piersall *Municipal Stadium*

----Football Stadium Seat----

2001 Topps Archives
Sonny Jurgensen *Shibbe Parks* 

******Al Kaline Certified Auto HAVE List******NOT 4-Trade
Unless a Double Trading for a Kaline Auto Dont Have

------PSA/DNA Certified------
1967 Topps #030 Red. 15550704
1967 Topps #216 Blue 83077839
1973 Topps #280 Red. 04552043
1975 Topps #004 Blue 83077841

2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites #FFAAK Red 9-Mint. 15918313
2007 SP Legendary Cuts Signatures #LSAK2 Red 8-NM/MT 15750317

------Pack Pulled Certified Auto's------

2009 Sweet Spot Classic Signatures SC-AK
2009 UD Sport Royalty AK

2008 Donruss Threads #23 #ED 10/25
2008 Ultimate Collection Al Kaline/Curtis Granderson ULT-KG #ED 06/35
2008 UD Premier #192 #ED 21/25 & 23/25 (X2)

2007 UD Premier Hallmarks HM-AK #ED 13/15
2007 Sweet Spot Classic Signatures SPS-AK (Glove) #ED 11/75
2007 Sweet Spot Classic Signatures SPS-AK (Bat) #ED 19/75
2007 SP Legendary Cuts LS-AK2 #ED 178/199
2007 Ultimate Collection America's Pastime AP-AK

2006 SP Legendary Cuts Place in History Signatures PH-AK #ED 23/24

2005 Topps Pristine Personal Endorsements PEA-AK (Topps SN-2008464)
2005 Topps Fan-Favorites 59T Re-Print FFA-AK (Topps SN-2118065)
2005 Ultimate Signatures Decades SD-AK #ED 27/99
2005 UD Cooperstown Calling CO-AK1 #ED 1/15 (Green)
2005 UD Hall Worthy HW-AK2 #ED 18/25
2005 UD Baseball Heros #56 #ED 01/49 1955 Wins Batting Title
2005 UD Baseball Heros #57 #ED 03/49 1967 Earns 10th Gold Glove
2005 UD Baseball Heros #60 #ED 05/99
2005 Playoff Spectrum #101 #ED 126/150 & 146/150 (X2)
2005 Playoff Absolute Auto/Bat MF-6 Marks of Fame #ED 093/125
2005 Leather & Lumber Auto/Bat LC-1 Leather #ED 26/58&56/58 (X2)
2005 Leaf Limited Limited Legends LL-10 #ED 22/50
2005 Leaf Limited LumberJacks LJ-1 #ED 19/50,34/50 & 36/50 (X3)

2004 Ultimate Signatures AK1 #ED 05/25
2004 Leaf Limited Lumberjacks LJ-1 Auto/Jersey #ED 022/100
2004 Leaf Limited LumberJacks LJ-1 Auto/No Jrys #ED 039/100
2004 Leather & Lumber Leather LC-2 #ED 118/192,168/192 (X2)
2004 UD Etchings ET-KA Etched in Time #ED 196/250
2004 UD Legends Timeless Teams (1972)#72
2004 Sweet Spot Classic "Buy-Back" #ED 63/70
2004 SP Legendary Cuts Marked for the Hall
2004 Topps World Series Higlights WSA-AK (Topps SN-0433827)
2004 Fleer in Scribed Induction Ceremony ICA-AK #ED 13/50

2003 Legends of Summer LS-1
2003 Legends of Summer Century LS-1 #ED 009/100 & 066/100 (X2)
2003 Legends of Summer Notations 6 LS-1 #ED 038/200,103/200
2003 Legends of Summer Notations #6 LS-1 #ED 121/200
2003 Legends of Summer Notations HOF 80 LS-1 #ED 052/200,128/200
2003 Fleer Fall-Classic AAA/AK #ED 20/50 & 255/325

2002 Topps Archives Reserve TRA-AK (Topps SN-3283856)
2002 Upper Deck Legendary Sweet Spot L-AK
2002 UD Sweet Spot Classic Signatures S-AK

2001 Team-Topps Legends 54T (X3 Topps SN-3354422,3354643,3355462)

Thanks for Checking Out My Trade Page ,,mike