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Aarons Trade Center

2016 Topps ;
Rainbow Foil-134-146-319

2015 Topps Update Cardinals:

2015 Heritage:
Chrome Ref #/566-275

2015 Bowman any Cardinals colored parallels and ref

2014 Topps:


2014 Bowman:

Cardinal Prospects:
BCP Ref-47
BCP Purple-44-47
BCP Blue #/250-47
BP Orange #/250-47

2014 Platinum:
BPP Prospects:
Gold #/50-77-79
Camo #/15-77-78

2014 Topps Chrome Cardinals:
Blue #/199-6-16-19-44-49-51-139-143
Black #/99-6-16-19-44-49-54-70-139-141-143-188

2013 Topps Chrome:

2013 Platinum:

Prospects Blue-#/199-69 Wong
Prospects Gold #/50-1 Tavares

2013 Bowman Chrome

2013 Bowman:
Orange #/250-BP-52
Purple Chrome #/199- BCP-52
Blue Chrome-BCP52

2013 Bowman Draft

TP 21 Wacha-Blue, Orange

2012 Bowman Chrome:
Base Xfract-78
Base Blue-78-151-169-215

Prospect Xfract-BCP-131
Prospect Purple-BCP-131-132-137-153-158-159-160
Prospect Blue- BCP-131-135-137-153-158-160

2012 Bowman Platinum Prospects Gold #/50-BPP1 Matt Adams, BPP51 Oscar Taveras

2012 Bowman Cardinals:
Blue #/500-59 Wainwright,147 Freese,157 Carpenter
Silver Ice-47 Garcia,132 Motte, 207 Chambers

2012 Topps Chrome Cardinal Ref:
Blue- 125 Matt Holliday
Black-104 Freese
Sepia-17 Carpenter, 153 Chambers, 199 Adams

2011 Bowman Draft Chrome Blue Ref #/199-18 Cleto, 27 Cruz, 55 Kozma, 65 Lynn, 76 Sanchez

2011 Bowman Draft Chrome Prospects Blue Ref #/199- BDP 7Walls, 37 Martini, 58 McElroy, 70 Jeffries, 90 Wong

2008 Bowman Draft:
Blue #/399- BDPP 15 Vasquez, BDPP 33 Peterson, BDPP 96 Anderson
Xfractor #/199- BDPP 19 Ferrara, BDPP 33 Peterson

2011 Bowman:
BCP Purple-49
Green BP #/450-40-66
BCP Blue #/250-40-49

2010 Topps Update Gold Cardinals-259 Molina-263 Winn

2010 Bowman Draft :
Cardinal teamset needs:
Chrome BDPP Ref-26
Blue BDP #/399-26 Ottavino
Blue BDPP #/399-1.26.44
Chrome Purple BDPP-44
Chrome Gold #/50-BDP18 Jay, 39 Salas

2003 UD Vintage-176 Estes-any 3d cards from 250 to 277

2009 Topps Chrome Xfractors-86 Pujols

2009 Bowman Chrome Prospect Refractors #/599-BCP15 Adam Riefer,BCP38 David Freese

2009 Bowman Chrome Prospect Refractors Blue #/150-BCP 34 Curt Smith, BCP38 David Freese, BCP72 Michael Swinson

2009 Bowman Chrome Prospect Xfractors #/299-BCP14 Samuel Freeman,BCP15 Adam Riefer, BCP34 Curt Smith, BCP66 Jarred Bogany, BCP 68 Matt Rigoli, BCP 72 Michael Swinson

2007 Goudey:

2005 Fleer Tradition Club 300 #9 Don Sutton

2008 Topps Chrome Cardinals:
Blue- 204 Washington
Xfractors-131 Pujols,204 Washington, 215 McClellan

2008 Bowman Cardinal Refractors:
Blue #/500-154 Glaus, 160 Pujols, BP65 Brian Barton
BCP Ref #/500-BCP157 Luis De La Cruz
BCP Xfractors #/275-BCP106 Martinez, BCP 157 De La Cruz, 191 Jay, 231 Hill

I'm looking for these to complete a Master set:
2003 Fleer Splendid Splinters Splendid Splinters Dual GU #/99- Bonds/Sosa
2003 Fleer Splendid Splinters Knothole Gang Patch-Jeter, Bonds,Guerrero,Clemens,Arod

08 UD Heroes Cardinal Parallels:
The following is what I need:
Light Blue #/49-124-156-160-162-163-178-184-200
Purple #/25-124-156-157-162-163-178-184-200

1995 Score-1-3-34-203-217-292-302-312-314

Thats everything. Even 1 card will help. Thanks, Aaron

Trade List:
2014 Bowman Platinum Prospect Auto Chris Taylor(Sea)
2014 Bowman Platinum Prospect Auto Gabriel Ynoa (Mets)
2014 Bowman Platinum Prospect Auto Chris Flexen ( Mets)
2008 SP Authentics Rookie Auto 174 Billy Buckner (D'Backs)-#028/999
2008 SP Authentics Rookie Auto 176 Matt Tupman(KC)-#821/999
2008 SP Authentics Rookie Auto 180 Fernando Hernandez( A's)-#663/999
2007 Tristar Farmhands Corey Brown
2007 Tristar Farmhands Eddie Kunz
2007 Tristar Farmhands Jon Gilmore
2007 Bowman Heritage Signs of Greatness Glenn Gibson(Nats)
2008 Bowman Draft Signs of the Future Brad Salmon(Reds)
2006 Bowman Sterling Prospect Adam Ottavino(STL)
2008 UD Goudey J.R.Towles (Hou)
2010 Bowman Darin Holcomb (Rockies)
2011 Bowman Justin O"Conner(TB)
2011 Bowman Chrome Ethan Martin (Dodgers)
2012 Bowman Platinum Eric Arce(Jays)
2012 Bowman Platinum David Buchanan(Phillies)
2013 Bowman Platinum Matt Magill (Dodgers)
2012 Bowman Sean Buckley Orange Ref Auto #056/250-bv$16
2010 Topps Update Peak Performance Colby Rasmus -bv$12
2010 T206 Piedmont Colby Rasmus-bv$15
2011 Bowman Draft Chrome Prospect Auto Ref- James Harris BCAP-JH #106/500-BV$15
2008 UD:
Junior Nat Team Auto-Robbie Grossman(Red Auto) #19/50-bv$20
Junior Nat Team Auto/Jersey-Riccio Torrez(Black auto) #239/400-bv$10
Junior Nat Team Auto/Jersey-Tyler Hibbs(Black aUTO) #167/222-bv$10
Junior Nat Team Auto/Jersey-Harold Martinez(Red auto) #26/50-bv$25
Nat Team Auto-Jacob Thompson(Blue Auto)#042/105-bv$10
Nat Team Auto/Jersey-Scott Gorgen(Blue auto) #105/247-bv$10
2006 Topps AFLAC Robert Stock #217/236-bv$15
2009 OPC Sigs-Micah Hoffpauir BV$20

2007 UD Goudey 36 Dontrelle Willis (Marlins)
2007 UD Goudey 17 Bobby Crosby(A's)X2
2009 UD Game Jersey-Billy Wagner(Mets)
2009 UD Game Jersey-Freddy Sanchez(Pit)
2009 UD Game Jersey-Jeff Francis (CO)
2009 UD Game Jersey-Garrett Atkins (CO)
2003 Bowman Draft Fabric of the Future Chris Narveson(STL)
2005 Fleer Tradition Diamond Tributes J.D Drew (ATL)
2009 UD National Team Kentrail Davis
2009 UD National Team Kendal Volz
2009 UD National Team Tyler Lyons
2008 UD Heroes 128 Eric Chavez black #020/125(A's)
2000 SP Game Bat J.D.Drew
2008 UD X Brian Giles(SD)
2008 UD X Mark Prior(SD)
2008 UD X Adrian Gonzalez(SD)
2008 UD X Kazuo Matsui(HOU)
2008 UD X Curt Schilling (BOS)
2012 A&G Hank Conger(LAA)
2013 Topps Chasing History Ryan Zimmerman GU Jersey
2008 Bowman Draft Futures Game Jersey Bryan Anderson GU Jersey (have 2)-BDPP96
2006 Bowman Futures Game Jaime Garcia GU Jesey( have 5)

Bob Gibson:
2006 Upper Deck Epic Materials gu jersey #085/145-b$12
2006 Upper Deck Epic Materials gu jersey #87/99-bv$15
2004 Donruss Timelines GU JERSEY/HAT-#14/25-BV$20
2005 Fleer Classic Clippings Cut of History0GU Jersey-bv$15
2006 UD SP Legendary Cuts GU Jersey bv $15
2002 Topps Tribute Milestone Materials GU Jersey-bv$25
2003 Leaf Limited Legend GU Jersey #33/45-bv$25

Lou Brock:

2005 Donruss Classics GU Jacket #24/25-bv$25
2005 Donruss Classics GU Bat- #44/50-bv$20
2003 Timeless Treasures GU Jersey #078/100-bv$20
2005 Diamond Kings GU Jersey/Bat-#20/50-bv$20
2001 UD 1971 All Star Game Salute GU Bat-bv$15
2004 Topps Tribute Hall of Fame Baseball-Cut Sig Edition GU Bat-bv$ 20
2004 Donruss World Series GU Bat #27/50-bv$15
2004 Donruss October Legends gu jERSEY 035/100-BV$20
2006 Upper Deck Epic Materials gu jersey #33/99-bv$15
2003 Leaf Certified Fabrc of the Game U Jersey#58/66-bv$20
2003 Fleer Rookies and Greats Through the Years Brock/Hart GU Jerseys #199/360-bv$15

Ozzie Smith:
2005 Topps Update Legendary Sacks All Star GU Base #019/300-b$25
2001 Fleer Platinum National Patch Time- GU Jersey-bv$15
2003 Topps Gallery Hall of Fame Edition gu Bat-bv$15
2002 Donruss Classics Legendary Lumberjacks GU at-#061/500-bv$15
2004 Timeless Treasure Dual GU Jersys #26/50-bv$20
2008 UD Heroes GU Jersey-bv$12
2003 UD Sweet Spot Classic Logo Patch-bv$10
2001 UD Legends GU Jersey bv$15
2003 Flair Greats Classic Numbers GU Jersey-bv$20
2003 Topps Tribute Perennial All Star Edition GU Jersey-bv$20
2001 UD Heroes of Baseball GU Bat-bv$15
2004 Donruss Timelines Call to the Hall GU Bat-bv$15

Stan Musial:
2004 Leaf Limited Timber GU Bat #093/100-bv$100

Multi gu:
2000 SPX Winning Materials Mark McGwire/Rick Ankiel Dual GU Bases-bv$40
2002 Fleer Box Score Bat Rack Quads-Chipper Jones/ Adam Dunn/Jeff Bagwell/ Mo Vaughn #141/150-bv$40
2009 UD Ballpark Collection Teammate Timelines Quad Swatch-Alex Rios/ Roy Halliday/Carlos Delgado/ Troy Glaus #213/500-bv$12
2003 UD Vintage Timeless Teams-Greg Maddux/Tom Glavine/Javy Lopez/Chipper Jones #172/175-bv$60
2001 SPX Winning Materials-Greg Maddux/Tom Glavine/Andrew Jones GU Jerseys-bv$25
2002 UD Diamond Connection Bat Around Quads-Sammy Sosa/ Ken Griffey Jr/ Rafael Palmeiro/ Fred McGriff-bv$40
2002 UD Diamond Connection Bat Around Quads-Juan Gonzalez/ Ivan Rodriguez/ Rafael Palmeiro/ Alex Rodriguez-bv$25
2005 Playoff Absolute Memoribilia Marks of Fame Steve Carlton Bat/Jersey #04/50-bv$15


2009 Bowman Sterling Colby Rasmus Gold Ref #41/50-bv$6.25
2010 Topps Silk Collection Matt Harrison #09/50-bv$15
2008 Topps Update Chrome Boxtoppers:
1-Jay Bruce-bv$12
4-Jed Lowrie-bv$12
36 Matt Macri-bv$5
38-Chris Perez-bv$5

2008 UD Goudey Sport Royalty Mini Redback:
278 Barry Sanders-bv$10
284 Dan Gable-bv$6
319 Nolan Ryan-bv$18
324 Ernie Banks-bv$15
2009 Bowman Chrome WBC Prospects Blue Ref- BCW4Michel Enriquez #010/150-bv$7.50
2009 Bowman Chrome BCW Prospects Blue Ref -BCW6 Shinnosuke Abe #085/150-bv$7.50
1994 Score Gold Stars 32 Ken Griffey JR-BV$12
2007 Topps Bonds HRH Silver-661 bv$8, 756 bv$5(have 2)
2003 Splendid Splinters Sammy Sosa 5 of 10-bv$5
1999 Black Diamond Sammy Sosa Double dIE cUT-BV$10
2002 Fleer Focus INT Dia Co-Ichiro bv$6
2008 Topps Heritage Dick Perez-HDP7 Mantle-bv$6
2005 Fleer Tradition Cooperstown Tribute Johnny Bench-bv$4
1994 Topps Archives #90 Mays-bv$5
1991 Topps Archives #244 Mays-bv$12
2003 Leaf Limited 16 Bonds #563/999-bv$10
2002 Fleer Tradition Heads Up-Mark McGwire-bv$10
2008 Playoff Sports Legends 20 Stan Musial #008/100-bv$10
2005 Zenith Epix 25- Mays #032/250-bv$15
2009 UD Gold-690 Juan Rivera #59/99-bv$12
2009 Topps Heritage SP'S-687 Adam Dunn bv$6, 697 Garet Anderson-bv$6, 701 Ivan Rodriguez-bv$6, 704 Ken Griffey Jr-bv$10, 709 Matt Holliday-bv$6
2004 UD Vintage 3-D 379 Dmitri Young, 426 Richie Sexson-bv$3 ea
2003 Fleer Splendid Splinters Family Tree 6-Barry and Bobby Bonds-bv$6
2003 Fleer Splendid Splinters sp's-121 Matt Bruback, 129 Michel Hernandez, 136 Adam Morrissey, 137 Carl Crawford
2010 Bowman Chrome Gold Ref BCP12 Bo Bowman #26/50-bv$15
2007 UD Goudey sp's:
203 Ripkenx3-bv$10ea
226 Howardx5-bv$6 ea
229 Dice KX6-BV$10 ea
259 David Ortiz-bv$6
267 Ichiro-bv$10

2010 Topps LegendsPlatinum Walmart Cereal- PC2 Jackie Robinson-bv$6
2009 Goodwin Champions Preview GCP9 Barack Obama-bv$15
2012 Topps Update Black US19 Jonathan Broxton #06/61