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Bobby Swink's Baseball Card Trading Page

As of July 4th, 2010, I am new to the internet trading experience. I'm a huge New York Yankees fan, but a huge baseball fan altogether. I follow them all, not just the Yankees. I collected cards as a young boy and into my late teens, but then got out of it for several years. I got back into it around 5 years, and then took another short break. This time I hope to stay in it for the duration.
As far as cards are concerned, I have an attraction towards the game-used cards over any others, including autographed cards. I like to try to collect the entire sets of game-used cards, and do alot of shopping on Ebay to get the cards that I don't have. I'm hoping that this can be a site that will allow me to be able to trade some of my extras to get some cards that I need rather than having to spend so much money and still have boxes of extras.