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Bryans Baseball Trade List

Hello there my name is Bryan and I like to collect mainly baseball cards but will at least consider trades with basketball or football cards. I organized the list by year by set. Autographs and memorabilia cards come first, and all inserts and any parallels cards come after that. Take your time reading and feel free to send me a message. Happy collecting!

SCF member name: bcat4490
AIM: i luv them hics

----------2009 Upper Deck SPX----------


Jim Thome Game Patch #82/99 - GJ-JT
John Lachey Game Jersey - GJ-JL
Jorge Posada, Ivan Rodriguez, Jason Varitek, Joe Maur Winning Materials Quad Jersey Card - WM4-PRMV

Graig Nettles Legendary Lumber Bat Memorabilia Card - GN-LL
Josh Beckett Winning Materials Jersey - WM-JB
Ken Griffey Jr. and Jim Edmonds Winning Materials Jersey Card - WM2-GE
Vladimir Guerrero Flashback Fabrics Jersey Card - FF-VG


Joe DiMaggio Career Highlights JD-13 #168/425
Joe DiMaggio Career Highlights JD-25 #115/425
Joe DiMaggio Career Highlights JD-31 #208/425
Joe DiMaggio Career Highlights JD-97 #109/425

----------2009 Topps Series 1----------


Aramis Ramirez Career Best Jersey Relic - CBR-AR


Legends Of The Game Cy Young - LG1
Legends Of The Game Honus Wagner - LG2
Legends Of The Game Jimmie Foxx - LG10
Legends Of The Game Pee Wee Reese - LG15
Legends Of The Game Mickey Mantle - LG20
Legends Of The Game Roberto Clemente - LG21

Prominent Baseball Players Jimmie Foxx - TR3
Prominent Baseball Players Conor Jackson - TR17
Prominent Baseball Players George Sisler - TR20
Prominent Baseball Players Cristian Guzman - TR26
Prominent Baseball Players Shane Victorino - TR32
Prominent Baseball Players David Wright - TR35
Prominent Baseball Players Kevin Kouzmanoff - TR37
Prominent Baseball Players Ervin Santana - TR44
Prominent Baseball Players Josh Johnson - TR46

Gold Parallel Chipper Jones, Albert Pujols, Matt Holliday League Leaders 1360/2009 #4
Gold Parallel Kyle Kendrick 1577/2009 #103
Gold Parallel David Dellucci 1814/2009 #72
Gold Parallel Tim Hudson 1559/2009 #136
Gold Parallel Mike Cameron 1753/2009 #162

----------2009 Upper Deck Series 1----------


Ryan Theriot Inkredible Autograph - RT
David Murphy Inkredible Autograph - DM
Derrek Lee Game Jersey - GJ-DL
Billy Wagner Dual Swatch Game Jersey #111/149 - GJ-BW
Jonathan Meyer USA Baseball 18U Team Jersey - 18U-ME
Colton Cain USA Baseball 18U Team Jersey - 18U-CC


OPC Mini Matt Kemp - OPC-41

OPC Alex Rodriguez - OPC-2
OPC Carlos Quentin - OPC-9
OPC Josh Hamilton - OPC-33

Stars Of The Game Derek Jeter - GG-DJ
Stars Of The Game Johan Santana - GG-JS
Stars Of The Game Chase Utley - GG-CU

Rivals Tim Lincecum, Jack Cust - R21
Rivals Chipper Jones, Johan Santana - R15

USA Retrospective Brian Duensing - USA-4
USA Retrospective Casey Weathers - USA-7
USA Retrospective Kevin Jepsen - USA-11

----------2008 Upper Deck X----------


Gary Sheffield Xponential Insert Printing Plate - #X-SH (One of one!)
David Righetti Yankee Signature Series Autograph Buyback - PN-DR
Kevin Hart UDX Signatures - KH
Brian Bass UDX Signatures - BB
Jonathan Albaladejo UDX Signatures - JA
Brian Bixler UDX Signatures - B1
Rich Thompson UDX Signatures - RT
Marlon Byrd UDX Signatures - MB


Xponential 4 Alex Rodriguez - X4-AR
Xponential 4 Derek Jeter - X4-DJ
Xponential 4 Ryan Howard - X4-RH

Xponential 3 Miguel Cabrera - X3-MC
Xponential 3 Albert Pujols - X3-AP
Xponential 3 Magglio Ordonez - X3-MO
Xponential 3 Hideki Matsui - X3-HM
Xponential 3 David Wright - X3-DW

Xponential 2 Victor Martinez - X2-VM
Xponential 2 Adam Dunn - X2-AD
Xponential 2 Ryan Howard - X2-RH
Xponential 2 Alex Rodriguex - X2-RO
Xponential 2 Brandon Webb - X2-BW
Xponential 2 C.C. Sabathia - X2-CS
Xponential 2 Dontrelle Willis - X2-DW
Xponential 2 Joba Chamberlain - X2-JC
Xponential 2 Jason Bay - X2-JB
Xponential 2 Ryan Zimmerman - X2-RZ
Xponential 2 Khalil Greene - X2-KG
Xponential 2 Alfonso Soriano - X2-AS
Xponential 2 Jim Thome - X2-JT
Xponential 2 Pat Burrell - X2-PB
Xponential 2 Albert Pujols - X2-AP
Xponential 2 Pedro Martinez - X2-PM
Xponential 2 David Ortiz - X2-DO

Xponential Ryan Zimmerman - X-RZ
Xponential Adam Dunn - X-AD
Xponential Ivan Rodriguez - X-IR
Xponential Prince Fielder - X-PF
Xponential Jonathan Papelbon - X-JP
Xponential Nick Swisher - X-NS
Xponential Jim Thome - X-JT
Xponential Albert Pujols - X-AP
Xponential Derrek Lee - X-DL
Xponential Trevor Hoffman - X-HO
Xponential Pedro Martinez - X-PM
Xponential Jimmy Rollins - X-J1
Xponential Grady Sizemore - X-GS
Xponential Randy Johnson - X-RJ
Xponential Bobby Abreu - X-BA
Xponential Magglio Ordonez - X-MO
Xponential Miguel Tejada - X-TE
Xponential Troy Tulowitzki - X-TT
Xponential Carlos Beltran - X-CB
Xponential Daisuke Matsuzaka - X-DM
Xponential Felix Hernandez - X-FH
Xponential Jason Bay - X-JA
Xponential Ken Griffey Jr. - X-KG
Xponential Andrew Jones - X-AJ
Xponential Conor Jackson - X-CJ

----------2008 Upper Deck SP Authentic----------


Jesse Carlson Rookie Autograph #914/999 - #173
Robinzon Diaz Rookie Autograph #529/999 - #179


Authentic Achievements Derek Jeter - AA-1
Authentic Achievements Ken Griffey Jr. - AA-2
Authentic Achievements Randy Johnson - AA-3
Authentic Achievements Frank Thomas - AA-4
Authentic Achievements Brandon Webb - AA-10
Authentic Achievements Johan Santana - AA-15
Authentic Achievements David Ortiz - AA-20
Authentic Achievements Jake Peavy - AA-21
Authentic Achievements Hanley Ramirez - AA-22
Authentic Achievements Jeff Kent - AA-37
Authentic Achievements Lance Berkman - AA-39
Authentic Achievements C.C. Sabathia - AA-46

Marquee Matchups Derek Jeter, Curt Schilling - MM-1
Marquee Matchups Albert Pujols, Brad Lidge - MM-3
Marquee Matchups Mariano Rivera, David Ortiz - MM-9
Marquee Matchups Carlos Zambrano, Albert Pujols - MM-10
Marquee Matchups Felix Hernandez, Victor Martinez - MM-12
Marquee Matchups Daisuke Matsuzaka, Ichiro - MM-19
Marquee Matchups Cole Hamels, David Wright - MM-28
Marquee Matchups Billy Wagner, Mark Teixeira - MM-30
Marquee Matchups Jake Peavy, Russell Martin - MM-37
Marquee Matchups Cole Hamels, Carlos Beltran - MM-39
Marquee Matchups David Wright, Jake Peavy - MM-46
Marquee Matchups John Smoltz, Hanley Ramirez - MM-48

----------2008 Upper Deck Series 2----------


Albert Pujols Jersey Card - UDJ-AP
Chris Duncan Jersey Card - UDJ-CD
Kenji Johjima Jersey Card - UDJ-KJ
Matt Cain Game Jersey Memorabilia Card - 99-CA


Ultra Rare Starquest Albert Pujols - SQ-32
Ultra Rare Starquest Troy Tulowitzki - SQ-58
Ultra Rare Starquest David Ortiz - SQ-41

Super Rare Starquest Lance Berkman - SQ-52
Super Rare Starquest Alex Rodriguez - SQ-33
Super Rare Starquest B.J. Upton - SQ-34

Rare Starquest Ichiro - SQ-46
Rare Starquest Carlos Pena - SQ-37
Rare Starquest Randy Johnson - SQ-56
Rare Starquest Eric Byrnes - SQ-44

----------2007 Upper Deck SP Rookie Edition----------


Ryan Braun Autograph Rookie #157
Ryan Braun Autograph Rookie #153
Ryan Braun Autograph Rookie #115
Chris Stewart Autograph Rookie #180
Kory Casto Autograph Rookie #107
Kory Casto Autograph Rookie #149
Homer Bailey Autograph Rookie #110
Brandon Wood Autograph Rookie #133
Brandon Marrow Autograph Rookie #128
Alexi Casilla Autograph Rookie #134
Jeff Baker Autograph Rookie #144
Adam Lind Autograph Rookie #172
Josh Hamilton Autograph Rookie #159
Sean Henn Autograph Rookie #118
Matt Lindstrom Autograph Rookie #123
Hunter Pence Autograph Rookie #178
Danny Putnam Autograph Rookie #194
Joe Smith Autograph Rookie #135
Chase Wright Autograph Rookie #106
Brian Barden Autograph Rookie #145
Kevin Slowey Autograph Rookie #105
Mike Rabelo Autograph Rookie #173
Matt Chico Autograph Rookie #150
Gustavo Molina Autograph Rookie #126
Kevin Kouzmanoff Autograph Rookie #122
Ben Fransisco Autograph Rookie #280
Felix Pie Autograph Rookie #154
Felix Pie Autograph Rookie #112
Michael Bourn Autograph Rookie #104
Michael Bourn Autograph Rookie #239
Jesus Flores Autograph Rookie #155
Miguel Montero Autograph Rookie #169
Miguel Montero Autograph Rookie #127
Glen Perkins Autograph Rookie #179
Matt DeSalvo Autograph Rookie #109

Also have many rookies from this set.