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MOST WANTED- Will trade 2for1 in your favor to obtain

2. Top prospects- Mike Stanton, Buster Posey, Carlos Santana, Jeremy Hellickson, Jason Heyward, Strasburg, Harper, Santana, many more.
3. 1977 topps singles

2. Albert Pujols
3. Evan Longoria
4. Josh Hamilton
5. Matt Ryan
6. Adrian Peterson
7. Ryan Braun
8. Jay Bruce


Non Phillies/Eagles AUTOs
Arietta Jake 2008 Bowman Sterling Futures GU/AU
Bennett Earl 2009 Topps Career Best AU
Billingsley Chad 2010 Topps Peak Performance AU
Boone Aaron 1994 Signature Series RC AU
Braun Ryan (MIL) 2008 SPX Young Star AU
Bruce Jay 2009 Topps Unique AU
Cabrera Everth 2009 Topps Chrome RC AU
Cabrera Miguel 2006 Autofacts AU #d /250
Callaspo Alberto 2007 Goudey AU
Cantu Jorge 2008 Topps Highlights AU
Conger Hank 2008 Tristar Projections AU #d /50
Cordero Francisco 2005 Prime Patches AU
Cordero Francisco 1998 Team Best AU
Crow Aaron 2008 Razorback AU #d /699
Cruz Nelson 2006 UD Path to Greatness RC AU
Cueto Johnny 2010 Topps Peak Performance AU
Danks John 2007 Topps Chrome RC AU
De La Rosa Jorge 2003 Diamond Kings Recollections RC AU #d /148
Donaldson Josh 2007 Tristar Farmhands AU
Drabek Kyle 2007 Bowman AU
Drabek Kyle 2007 Bowman Blue Parallel AU #d /500
Furcal Rafael 2000 SP Authentic AU
Gonzalez Carlos 2005 Just Autographs AU
Graham Ernest 2003 UD AU
Jackson Darrell 2000 Sign of the times AU
Johnson Josh 2006 Ultimate GU/AU #d /35
Johnson Josh 2010 Topps Peak Performance AU
Ka'Aihue Kila 2009 Bowman Orange RC AU #d /250
Kinsler Ian 2006 Bowman RC AU
Laroche Adam 2007 Topps Trading Places AU
Lewis Colby 2000 Bowman RC AU
Lincecum Tim 2007 Bowman's Best RC AU
Lopez Felipe 1999 Team Best AU
Lowe Derek 1995 Old Judge RC AU
Lynn Lance 2008 Razorback AU #d /1499
Lynn Lance 2008 UD USA Baseball GU/AU #d 149
Mondesi Raul 1999 Topps AU
Montero Miguel 2009 Goudeygraphs AU
Morgan Nyjer 2008 Topps Finest Blue RC AU #d /399
Northcutt Dennis 2000 Sign of the times AU
Poreda Aaron 2007 Tristar Farmhands AU
Ramirez Alexei 2009 UD Signature Sets AU
Reynolds Mark 2008 Ballpark GU/AU
Scherzer Max 2009 Topps 206 AU
Schlereth Daniel 2009 Topps Career Quest AU
Soriano Rafael 2003 Leaf AU
Tulowitzki Troy 2007 Topps Chrome RC AU
Volstad Chris 2007 Tristar Elegance AU
Wainwright Adam 2006 Topps Chrome RC AU
Webb Brandon 2004 Playoff Prestige AU
Weeks Jemile 2008 Razorback AU
Wilford Ernest 2004 UD Foundations AU
Willingham Josh 2008 Topps Highlights AU
Zobrist Ben 2006 Topps '52 RC AU

Phils/Eagles Autos
Aumont Phillippe 2007 Draft Edition RC AU
Blanton Joe 2005 UD Reflections AU
Byrd Marlon 2001 Royal Rookies RC AU #d /5950
Hamels Cole 2007 Topps Finest Moments AU
Helms Wes 1996 Team Best AU
Hewitt Anthony 2008 Razorback AU #d /1199
Howard Ryan and Fielder, Cecil 2006 Topps Cosigners Dual AU
Ibanez Raul 1998 Donruss Signature Series RC AU
Jackson Desean 2009 Topps Magic AU
Kolb Kevin 2008 Sage Hit RC AU #d /250
Lee Cliff 2005 Playoff AU
Lidge Brad 2005 Fleer Autographics AU
Mayberry Jr. John2004 2004 Team USA AU #d /595
Mccoy Lesean 2009 Sage Hit RC AU
Moyer Jamie 2005 Playoff AU #d /150
Myers Brett Royal Rookies RC AU #d /2500
Romero JC 2003 Playoff Contender GU/AU
Ruiz Carlos 2007 Star Signings AU
Ruiz Carlos 2005 Donruss Elite AU #d /1000
Segovia Zack 2007 UD Future Stars RC AU
Utley Chase and Uggla, Dan 2007 UD Premier Dual AU
Victorino Shane 2002 Just Autographs AU #d /400
Werth Jason Just Minors AU
Werth Jason 1999 Just Minors AU Graded 10

Through the Mail/In Person Autos
Ackley Dustin Through the Mail On Card
Baker Scott In Person On Card
Bowa Larry In Person On Card
Brown Domonic In Person On Card
Capps Matt In Person On Card
Choo Shin Soo In Person On Card
Crawford Carl In Person On Card
Francisco Juan In Person Framed
Granderson Curtis Through the Mail Framed
Hellickson Jeremy Through the Mail On Card
Howard Ryan In Person On Card
Jennings Desmond In Person On Card
Liriano Francisco In Person On Card
Lujack John In Person On Card
Luzinski Gregg In Person On Card
Mayberry Jr. John In Person Framed
Michaels Jason In Person Framed
Olsen Scott In Person On Card
Pavano Carl In Person Framed
Perez Fernando In Person On Card
Ramos Wilson In Person On Card
Saltalamaccia Jarrod In Person Framed
Savery Joe In Person On Card
Shoppach Kelly In Person Framed
Singer Bill In Person On Card
Slama Anthony In Person Framed
Victorino Shane In Person On Card
Zagurski Mike In Person On Card

Stephen Strasburg
2009 UD Retrospective USA Baseball
2009 Tristar Obak
2010 Bowman Chrome
2010 Topps Refractor WME3

Aroldis Chapman
2009 Bowman BCW24 Blue Parallel #d /399
2009 Topps Chrome W23
2009 Bowman Chrome BCW2
2010 Bowman
2010 Bowman Chrome

Jason Heyward
2010 Topps RC
2007 Bowman Chrome RC

2005 Bowman Draft Francisco Liriano
1990 Score Sammy Sosa RC
1987 Topps Barry Bonds RC
1994 Upper Deck Carlos Delgado RC
2008 Sage Hit Jonathon Stewart x2
2008 Sage Hit Jordy Nelson
2008 Sage Hit Darren McFadden
2009 Bowman INSERT Rookie All-Star Beanie Wells
2007 Bowman Delmon Young
2007 Bowman Kevin Slowey


2004 Upper Deck Matinee Idols Vernon Wells Jersey Card
2006 Flair Showcase Stitches Rickie Weeks Jersey Card
2005 Leaf Fabric of the Game Carlton Fisk 33/50
2008 Topps Allen and Ginters Furcal Bat Card
2004 Fleer Gridiron Cuts Tory Holt Jersey Card
Aubrey Huff Jersey Card
Chris Duncan Jersey Card
JD Drew Jersey Card
Angel Berroa Bat Card
Garrett Atkins Jersey Card
Rick Ankiel Jersey Card
Ian Kennedy Jersey Card
Phil Hughes Jersey Card
Shelley Duncan Jersey Card

BBALL Jersey Cards
Dual Jsy Tony Parker/Steve Nash
Juan Dixon Jsy Card




Thousands of cards from the following sets- ASK AND I MIGHT HAVE IT!

2006 Flair Showcase
2007 UD Artifacts
2007 Topps
2007 Topps Heritage
2007 Bowman
2008 Bowman
2008 Topps Chrome
2008 Donruss Threads
2008 UD Icons Football
2008 Upper Deck 2nd Edition
2009 Bowman
2009 Topps

Upper Deck "x"


Total Topps Steve Smith (Carolina)

Brett Favre Flight to 420 #432, 10, 12

Tom Brady College to Pros Insert, 2009 UD FE Star Attractions insert

Total Topps Andre Johnson

1871 Professional Baseball 2010 Topps History of the Game
Alou Moises 2006 UD Diamond Stars
Ankiel Rick 2000 Topps A Look Ahead
Bagwell Jeff 1998 Topps Picture Perfect
Balentin Wladmir 2008 Topps TCP14
Berkman Lance 2007 Topps Own the Game
Boggs Wade 2001 Topps Who Would Have Thought
Cabrera Miguel 2006 UD First Pitch Goin Deep
Caminiti Ken UD Collector's Choice 1997
Canseco Jose 2000 UD Cooperstown Calling
Cuddyer Michael 2010 UD Tape Measure Shots
Drew JD 2000 Topps Going for Gold
Dye Jermaine 2007 Ud Perfect 10
Ethier Andre 2010 Topps Turkey Red Insert
Fielder Prince 2009 Turkey Red Insert
Fisk Carlton 2001 Topps Who Would Have Thought
Floyd Cliff 2002 Topps Record Breaker
Foxx Jimmie 2010 Turkey Red Insert
Furcal Rafael 2000 UD Hot Properties
Garciaparra Nomar 2002 Fleer Diamond Tribute
Gibson Josh HR History 480
Gibson Josh HR History 720
Giles Marcus 2004 Total Topps Insert
Gonzalez Adrian 2009 Turkey Red Insert
Gonzalez Luis 2002 Topps MLB Leaders
Gordon Alex 2010 Topps Gold #d /2010
Granderson Cobb 2010 Legendary Lineage
Greene Khalil 2008 UD X Die Cut
Greene Khalil 2008 UD X Foil X
Greinke Zack 2010 Topps Town
Grieve Ben 1999 UD Scout's Choice
Griffey Jr Jones, Andruw 1998 Pinnacle Stand Up Guys
Griffey Jr Ken 1997 Fleer Ultra Power Plus
Guerrero Vlad 2006 Fleer Ultra RBI Kings
Guerrero Vlad 1997 Metal Universe Mining for Gold Die Cut
Guerrero Vlad 2008 UD X Foil X2
Guerrero Vlad 2008 UD X Foil X3
Helton Todd 2000 Topps A Look Ahead
Hoffman Trevor 2008 UD X Die Cut
Holliday Matt 2008 UD X Foil X2
James Edgerrin 2006 Total Topps Insert
Jefferson, Thomas Pinckney, Charles 2008 Topps Campaign
Jenkins Geoff 2004 Total Topps Insert
Johnson Randy 2009 Legends of the Game
Johnson Larry 2006 Total Topps Insert
Johnson Walter 2010 Topps Career Best Legends
Johnson Larry 2006 UD Dream Team
Johnson Randy 2000 UD Pennant Driven
Jones Chipper 1997 Metal Universe
Jones Andruw 1997 Bowman Scout's Honor Roll
Jones Chipper 2009 UD Starquest
Jones Chipper 1995 Fleer Emotion
Jones Chipper 2008 UD X Die Cut
Jones Andruw 1997 Bowman Blue Chips
Kent Jeff 2006 Fleer Ultra RBI Kings
Knoblock Chuck 1997 Topps Number Crunchers
Konerko Paul 2006 Fleer Lumber Company
Lee Carlos 2008 UD X Die Cut
Lester Jon 2010 UD Biography
Manwaring Kirt 1994 Fleer Award Winner
Martin Russel 2008 UD X Die Cut
Martinez Pedro 2000 UD Prime Performers
Matsui Hideki 2008 UD X Foil X3
Matsuzaka Dice-k 2008 UD X Foil X2
Mattingly Don 2006 Wal Mart Exclusive
Mauer Joe 2008 UD X Die Cut
Mauer Joe 2008 Trading Card History
Moliter Paul 2001 Topps Who Would Have Thought
Murphy Dale 2001 Topps Who Would Have Thought
Musial Stan 1998 Topps HOF
Nimitz Chester 2007 Topps Distinguished Service
Nixon, Richard Humphrey, Hubert 2008 Topps Campaign
Obama, Barack Clinton, Hilary 2008 Topps Campaign
Ordonez Magglio 2008 UD X Die Cut
Ordonez Magglio 2008 UD X Die Cut
Oswalt Roy 2008 UD X Die Cut
Palmiero Rafael 2001 Topps Archives
Parker Dave 2001 UD Decade Great
Pearce Steven 2008 Topps TCP12
Pence Hunter 2008 All Star Rookie Team
Piazza Mike 2002 Fleer Diamond Tribute
Piazza Mike 2002 Fleer Tradition This Day in History
Quentin Carlos 2008 UD X Die Cut
Ramirez Manny 2000 UD Pennant Driven
Ramirez Hanley 2007 Topps Dick Perez
Ramirez Manny 1997 Fleer Ultra Top 30
Ramirez, Alexei Aparicio, Luis 2010 Legendary Lineage
Randolph Willie 2001 Topps Who Would Have Thought
Rios Alex 2008 UD X Die Cut
Ripken Cal 1997 Pinnacle East Meets West
Rizzuto Phil 2010 Peak Performance
Robinson Koren 2003 Press Pass Big #s
Rodriguez Alex 1997 Pinnacle East Meets West
Rodriguez Alex 2006 Topps Hit Parade
Rolle Antrelle 2009 UD First Edition Crunch Time
Sabathia CC 2007 First Pitch Aces UD
Seaver Tom 2002 Topps Record Breaker
Sizemore Grady 2009 UD Starquest
Smith Emmitt 1996 Score Dream Team
Speaker Tris 2009 Legends of the Game
Stargell Willie Fleer 1997 Million Dollar Moments
Strahan Michael 2006 UD Dream Team
Suzuki Ichiro 2009 Legends of the Game
Thomas Frank 2004 Topps Hit Parade
Tulowitzki Troy 2008 UD X Foil X
Uribe Juan 2002 Topps MLB Leaders
Verlander Justin 2008 UD X Die Cut
Wells Vernon 2006 UD First Pitch Goin Deep
Williams Bernie 2000 UD Five Tool Talents
Wilson Paul 1997 UD Rock Solid
Wilson Preston 2004 Total Topps Insert
Wood Kerry 1998 Topps Picture Perfect