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Some older baseball cards

I am seeking all football, especially chicago bears and 2006-2008 cards-some decent finds here

97 Maddux-pacific prism (sluggers and hurlers) once booked for $60
74 Topps Dave Winfield RC
67 Topps Roger Maris
59 Topps Willie Mays (water stain on it) Books for $175
90 Donruss Sammy Sosa RC
79 Topps Dave Winfield
82 Topps Steve Carlton
82 Donruss Reggie Jackson
97 SPX Greg Maddux
84 Topps (Ralston Purina Company Collectors Edition) Ozzie Smith
85 Topps Kirby Puckett RC
83 Fleer Cal Ripken Jr (2nd yr)
73 Topps Goose Gossage RC
82 Topps Kent Hrbek RC (3ppl)
96 Donruss hit list Kirby Puckett (8 of 16)
92 Upper Deck then and now Cal Ripken (TN4)
97 Fleer Ultra Tim Wakefield Platinum Medallion Edition
95 Leaf Limited insert of Tony Gwynn
94 Pacific Don Mattingly insert
94 Leaf slideshow Barry Bonds (6 of 10)
80 Topps Rod Carew
98 Topps Hall of Fame Reggie Jackson (HOF6)
85 Topps Nolan Ryan
99 Topps Commemerative Reprints of Willie Mays, Nolan Ryan, Hank Aaron
61 Topps Johnnie Knucks92 Fleer Lumberkings Cal Ripken
71 Topps Don Sutton
69 Topps HR Leaders McCover, Ernie Banks, Allen (fair condition)
77 Topps Commemerative Walter Johnson
93 Upper Deck Then and now George Brett
85 Topps Tony Gwynn
78 Topps Steve Garvey
90 Upper Deck PSA graded 9 mint Larry Walker RC
94 Post Collection (15 of 30) PSA graded 9 Ken Griffey
98 SP Eric Milton Auto card
97 Circa Raul Mondesi base card autographed
98 Upper Deck Shawn Estes base card autographed
90 Leaf George Brett
98 Topps Hall Bound Juan Gonzales
Late 60s Sporting News Tony Oliva All Star Card
98 Topps Mystery Finest Frank Thomas
98 Fleer Million Dollar moments Maddux (44 of 50)
94 Upper Deck Diamond Collection Barry Bonds
97 Upper Deck Ken Griffey jr Home Run chronicles (22 of 30)
94 Donruss Triple Play Bomb Squad Frank Thomas
82 Topps Rose and Carlton Phillies Card (636)
87 Fleer Nolan Ryan
80 Topps Johnny Bench
92 Leaf (insert) George Brett (19 of 26)
96 Topps Chrome Star Power Tony Gwynn
82 Fleer Johnny Bench
97 Topps Baby Boomers Todd Helton
75 Topps Joe Morgan
70 Topps Don Sutton
83 Topps Pete Rose superveteran
84 Topps Pete Rose

Topps 92-92 Shaq RC
Fleer 88-89 Reggie Miller RC
Fleer 89-90 Scottie Pippen
97 SPX David Robinson
95-96 Flair Grant Hill
97-98 Flair Hardwood Kevin Garnett (16 of 29)
2002 Upper Deck Reel Time Antonio McDyess Jersey Card
97 SPX Shareef Abdur Rahim RC
97 Upper Deck Exclusives Antoine Walker RC