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Wants and Needs

My name is Rob and I have very limited needs wants and interests. I collect Don Mattingly cards, but have over 3000 different so my needs are limited. I also collect Joe Torre Phil Rizzutto and Roger Maris cards of all varieties but anything vintage must be in outstanding condition. I am also working on a 2009 Heritage Master set. I need mainly black refractors and autos and have completed 1-720 with SP's, and the corresponding insert sets. I am listing many cards, that I am willing to trade for my needs, but only for my needs. I do not want offers of Edwin Jackson Game used cards and Connor Jackson autographs for anything that I have listed. Please contact me with your interests and wants and needs. I can not list everything that I have here and have boxes of cards I am willing to trade.

My Wants

Any and all dual relics and autos

Refractors: 99 95 94 92 91 87 86 85 82 81 78 72 69 66 64 62 60 58 57 54 50 47 45 43 39 36 34 32 29 28 25 21 18 16 15 14 13 9 7, 1

Real One Autos
I have
McDougald, Chittum, Sanford, Romanosky. Carmona, Striker

Ceccerelli, Ibanez

I have many cards available for trade. Below are cards that I think may be of most interest.

2009 Topps Heritage High #

Black Refractors
Melky Cabrera
Joe Crede

Orlando Cabrera 123 150/560

Jose Contreras
Cliff Lee

Clubhouse Collection Relics
Ryan Howard Bat CCRH
Evan Longoria Jersey CC-EL
Hanley Ramirez Jersey CC-HR
Ian Kinsler Jersey CC-IK

2009 Topps T206

Gordon Beckham auto Exchange

Tommy Hanson Mini SP white Stock
Ryan Perry Mini SP White stock