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11/12/2008 1:00:24 AM

Rons basketball cards

hey fellow traders.looking to trade some of my basketball cards for players i am is a small list of gu for trade.i'll be adding more as i go.

Arenas,Gilbert 05-06 Reflections Fabrics bv$8
Billups,Chauncey 04-05 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics bv$8
Daniels,Marquis 06-07 E-X Clearly Authentics Patches #'d 62/75 bv$8
Harris,Devin 04-05 Black Diamond Jerseys bv$10
McDyess,Antonio 00-01 SP Game Floor Authentic Fabric/Floor Combos bv$12
Nelson,Jameer 04-05 Bazooka Admissions bv$8
O'Neal,Jermaine 03-04 Flair Final Edition Courtside Cuts Jerseys bv$10
O'Neal,Jermaine 04-05 Fleer Authentix Jerseys #'d 20/75 bv$12
Richardson,Quentin 04-05 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Swatches bv$8
Swift,Stromile 02-03 Fleer Authentix Jersey Authentix Ripped bv$8
Walker,Antoine 02-03 Upper Deck Game Jerseys 2 bv$15
Walker,Antoine 03-04 Upper Deck Finite Elements Jerseys bv$12