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    9/30/2011 2:11:35 PM

    Baseball Autos

    Hello, my name is Clint Moody

    Please click on the "Bucket" link on the left margin for my cards!

    I absolutely love this site! I am getting the hang of it, but i am addicted,lol. Me and my sister(mjmoody17) are both collectors. I am a big auto collector, and will trade with just about anyone, usually can always work out a trade!

    I am not in this to make money or pay my bills, and am in it to enjoy, and get some cards I may want, and maybe help others get theirs. If my cards are less than 10 years old, and under $40 BV, and have bent corners, scratches, or missing paper,....I throw them away, I DO NOT TRADE THEM! If we make a trade, my cards will be NR MT or better unless I have told you differently! Please show me the same courtesy! I have something you need, just let me know. Sometimes, I may just give them to you in hopes of building a better trading relationship.

    Right now I am looking for Verlander rookies, inserts, parallels, serial numbered cards, and refractors.
    I also collect mantle,jeter,banks,mays, and AUTOS!I also look for refractors, and bowman chrome autos and refractors. Always interested in rookie autos and refractors. I have all the topps diamond base cards,(series 1) most of the inserts. Almost all 2010 topps chrome, many rookies, autos, vintage,2010,2011 bowman. I have alot of football cards too. I have around 15,000 cards.see my bucket for over 60 Autos!

    Want list

    Tulowitzki, Castro, Hamilton, Stanton, Harper, Pujols, Heyward, Lincecum, Posey, Strasburg, autos, refractors.

    Mantle, Willie Mays, Ernie Banks, Whitey Ford, Jeter, A-rod.


    Josh Hamilton 2007 Bowman Sterling Auto
    Troy Tulowitzki 2007 Bowman auto rooki
    Starlin Castro 2010 Bowman Chrome auto RC
    Mike Stanton 2008 bowman Chrome Auto
    2010 Strasburg Bowman Sterling Auto
    2008 Bowman Chrome Draft Auto Buster Posey
    2002 Bowman chrome Auto RC Joe Mauer
    2007 Bowman Sterling Jason Heyward Auto
    2006 Jose Bautista Bowman Auto

    Be sure to check my bucket!

    My top priority needs right now are

    2011 bowman platinum


    90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98, and 100

    2011 topps lineage rookie set (1-20) i need 5,13,14,15

    2011 topps chrome VC cards/black borders/autos

    mantle inserts $10 and up.

    I am always looking for ANY vintage cards!
    Cards I have for trade...
    2011 topps diamond ALL series 1 base set
    sets of giveaway
    all toppstown cards
    many Diamond duos,parallels, and CMGR cards

    2011 bowman
    2010 bowman
    many 2010 topps chrome
    autos, refractors

    2010 topps chrome football, lots of refractors

    brett favre rookie
    john riggins rookie
    jason kidd rookie
    aaron rodgers rookie

    Check my bucket too, i am updating and building all the time!!
    the link to my bucket is top left of page.

    Im just learning the site, I will refine as I go. The main thing, I just want to build some great trade relationships with people who love the hobby! I also enjoy going in on cases, hobby boxes, etc. I will always be fair, honest, do what I say I am going to do, and ship quality cards in GREAT shape! Thanks for checking me out! PLEASE, lets do some trades!! I also am willing to give some commons, inserts, etc just for points to build my rating,.thanks again!