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Looking to trade for certain cards that usually fall into one of two categories: 1) Needed to complete a set or 2) Needed to complete an insert set

I have a ton of Topps base set cards from 1979 through 2007, although not inclusive. Please inquire if you need individual cards from these years to complete your sets, or would like a starter set of cards of appoximately 500 - 600 for these years.

I will attempt to keep my Wanted List as up to date as possible, but I apologize in advance if you ask me for a trade and I have already received that particular card.

Topps2007Distinguished Service AutosDuke Snider

BrandYearCard #Name
Topps1973300Steve Carlton
Topps197561Dave Winfield
Topps1975228George Brett (RC)
Topps1975255Dwight Evans
Topps1975280Carl Yastrzemski
Topps1975600Rod Carew
Topps1976330Nolan Ryan
Topps1976441Gary Carter
Topps1976600Tom Seaver
Topps1977128Tommmy John
Topps1977320Ken Griffey Sr
Topps1977400Steve Garvey
Topps1977450Pete Rose
Topps1977525Dennis Eckersley
Topps1977640Carlton Fisk
Topps197870Rich Gossage
Topps1978200Reggie Jackson
Topps1978320Fred Lynn
Topps1978360Mike Schmidt
Topps1978670Jim Rice
Topps1980482Rickey Henderson (RC)
Upper Deck1991412Gary Ward
Upper Deck1991413Al Newman
Upper Deck1991414Danny Jackson
Upper Deck1992AU4Ted Williams Autograph #/2500
Topps19993Nolan Ryan Finest Reprint (1970)
Topps19997Nolan Ryan Finest Reprint (1974)
Topps19999Nolan Ryan Finest Reprint (1976)
Topps2009LLG1Ted Williams
Target Legends
Topps2009LLG13Babe Ruth
Target Legends
Topps2009LLG14Roy Campanella
Target Legends
Topps2009LLG15Ty Cobb
Target Legends
Topps2009LLG17Mickey Mantle
Target Legends
Topps2009LLG18Walter Johnson
Target Legends
Topps2009LLG19Pee Wee Reese
Target Legends
Topps2009LLP12Jackie Robinson
Wal-Mart (Platinum) Legend
Topps2009LLP14Honus Wagner
Wal-Mart (Platinum) Legend
Topps2009LLP15Lou Gehrig
Wal-Mart (Platinum) Legend
Topps2009LLP16Nolan Ryan
Wal-Mart (Platinum) Legend
Topps2009LLP19Christy Mathewson
Wal-Mart (Platinum) Legend