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12/14/2013 1:47:07 AM

TOGAMAN Tompkins Baseball Trading Page

Here's my 2012 Bowman Chrome, Bowman Platinum 2012, and 2012 Topps Chrome Orange Border Refractor Want Lists and my dupes to trade.
Updated 12/14/13

2012 Bowman Chrome Want List….Completed 1/29/13

2012 Bowman Chrome dupes trade list
16,26,30,31,32,37,49,59(A Reed RC),73,85,117,120,139,146,151,165,169,194,195(2)

2012 Bowman Chrome Prospect card (BCP) Want List
Completed 1/28/13

2012 Bowman Chrome Prospect (BCP) dupes to Trade List

2012 Bowman Chrome Legends in the Making Dupes to Trade List
Buster Posey, Prince Fielder, Yu Darvish

2012 Topps Chrome Dupes to trade list
3(2),16,24(Posey-2),25(Utley-2),29,36(Hamels),38(McCutchen),48(M Cain-2),56(3),74(2),78,89,98,107,109,112,129(2),137(BJ Upton,138,146,152(Llddi-RC), 157(T Federowicz-2),159(M Dominguez RC), 161(Pacheco RC-3), 167(Betances RC), 174(James Darnell RC),186(Iwakuma-RC),
193(Hutchison RC), 199(Matt Adams-RC),200(Irving Falu-RC),201,206,207,209,215

2012 Topps Chrome (Orange Border Refractor) Want list (220/220)
completed 12/14/13

2012 Topps Chrome (Orange Border Refractor) Dupes to trade
13(Kinsler), 123(Belt), 128(Asdrubal Cabrera)

2012 Bowman Platinum dupes to Trade list
21(Cespedes RC-2),23,22,24(Ch Jones-2),25,26(2),28(2),31,34(Braun-3),35, 37(Verlander-3),38(3),40,41,42,43(3),45(4),46,48(RC-2),49(RC),51,52(2),54(Longoria),55(5),58(3),60(Peacock RC-2),62(2),63,64(2),65,66(3),
67(Hamels-2), 68(Pujols),70(2),72(4),74(2),75(2),76,77,78,79, 80(Strasburg),81(4),82,83(Mesaroco RC-2), 86(2),87,88(2),89,90(D Wright),91,94,95,96,98(Freeman-2)

2012 Bowman Platinum Green dupes to Trade list
5(Josh Johnson), 30(Adrian Gonzalez)

2012 Bowman Platinum Prospects (BPP) Want List (100/100)
Completed 2/21/13

2012 Bowman Platinum Prospect (BPP) dupes to Trade list
6(Gary Brown), 9(Travis d’Arnaud), 12(W Flores), 13(Gose), 19(Brett Jackson), 21(Lindsey), 24(Marte-3), 29(Odorizzi), 36(E Rosario), 40(Schoop), 41(Singleton-2), 44(Syndergaard-2), 50(D Hutchison), 56(Familia), 60(Sampson), 72(Jacobs),
77(Julio Rodriguez-2), 78(Sonny Gray), 90(Mason Williams), 92(Brentz), 98(Swagerty)

2012 Bowman Platinum Cutting Edge Stars (CES) Want List
Prince Fielder

2012 Bowman Platinum Cutting Edge Star (CES) Dupes to Trade List
Dustin Ackley(DA), Dan Uggla (DU-2), Eric Hosmer(EH), Freddie Freeman (FF), Ian Kennedy (IKE), JD Martinez(JDM), Mark Trumbo(MT), Nelson Cruz(NC), Z Greinke (ZG-2)

2012 Bowman Platinum Prospect (BPP) – Purple Refractor (retail) cards) Want List (100/100)….Completed 3/4/13

2012 Bowman Platinum Prospect (BPP – Purple Refractor (retail) Target cards) Dupes to trade List
6(G Brown), 12(Flores), 14(R Grossman), 23(Machado), 29(Odorizzi-2), 33(W Peralta), 46(T Walker), 58(Galvez), 63(John Lamb), 74(Hager-2), 84(Matzek-2), 85(Baez-2), 87(Helweg), 88(Chad James), 89(Nash), 91(Hembree), 93(Renaudo), 94(Tommy Joseph), 95(McNutt), 97(Castellanos), 99(Valle), 100(Bubba Starling-2)

2012 Bowman Platinum Prospect (BPP)
Blue Refractors #d to 199 Want List…. (68/100)


Blue Refractor Dupes to trade
3(Bannuelos-121/199), 6(Gary Brown-042/199), 10(Drury 041/199), 11(Erlin 059/199), 21(T Lindsey 076/199), 26(Middlebrooks-180/199),
28(M Montgomery 032/199), 62(Dozier-163/199), 66(Corcino 032/199),
68(Y Rodriguez 048/199), 74(Hager-112/199), 78(Sonny Gray 047/199), 96(Davidson-078/199)

2012 Bowman Platinum Prospect (BPP)
Green Refractors #d to 399….(100/100)
Completed 12/7/13

Green Refractor #d to 399 Dupes to trade
9(d’Arnaud 236/399), 23(Machado 245/399), 29(Odorizzi 051/399),
56(Familia 367/399), 62(Dozier 185/399),
67(Thornburg 109/399 & 112/399), 74(Hager-020/399),
77(J Rodriguez 20/399), 78(Sonny Gray 164/399),
81(Cosart 130/399 & 367/399), 84(Maztek 70/399 & 374/399 ),
98(Swaggerty 140/399)

2012 Bowman Platinum Prospect (BPP) – Gold Refractors #d to 50
Trade for any except 11(Erlin), 14(Grossman), 42(T Skaggs),
70(Pastornicky), 73(K Matthews), 75(Sean Buckley)

2012 Bowman Platinum Prospects (BPP) Refractors Want List (100/100)
<<<<======= completed 3/23/13

2012 Bowman Platinum Prospects (BPP) Refractors Dupes List
10(Drury), 12(W Flores), 13(Gose), 15(Jedd Gyorko), 19(B Jackson), 21(Lindsey), 23(Machado), 26(Middlebrooks), 29(Odorizzi), 44(Syndergaard), 53(Marisnick), 57(Tim Wheeler-2), 58(Galvez), 67(Thornburg), 71(Zach Cone-2), 82(Archer), 91(Hembree), 93(Anthony Ranaudo)

Let's just stick with trading cards on these lists for cards on these lists