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Good stuff I have for trade

My name is traderlew. I have been collecting sports cards off and on for over 20 years. Most of the cards I have are after 90 and 91 seasons in all sports. I use to collect all four sports but now I just stick to the big 3 (baseball, football & basketball). I usually buy first stuff out in the season (Topps) and get one or two boxes of the real good stuff later on. By this I mean the high end product. I always search on Ebay to find the good deals and card lots if it is a really good set (i.e. Topps Tribute baseball). I live in the San Diego area so I will trade for San Diego players less the superstars (i.e. won't trade players like Derek Jeter and A Rod for a bunch of no name Padres). If I pull an auto and it is not a player I am interested in, I will offer him up in trade. I been trading quite a bit on this site and have over 50 references. I might put a list up later but that just seems to time consuming and I would rather just send a few emails back and forth to discuss what I have. However please narrow it down to a specific player or team. Well happy trading to all you guys out there.

Currently have doubles of 2010 Topps Tribute baseball to trade.