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Bumfan77's Football and Baseball Trades

Hello card trading world! I've never traded cards online before, but I figure that it's a good way to purge some of the duplicates I have in my collection and try to fill some of the holes I have as well.

I'm primarily interested in football and baseball cards, both modern and vintage. I also am a big fan of the Seattle pro sports teams (yes, even the dearly departed Sonics), and the Dodgers and Rams. I also have a few players that I like to collect. I'm also a fan of the Spokane Indians minor league baseball team and might be interested in trading for recent team sets.

Since I'm new to this online trading thing, I'm going to take it slowly at first. Also, I'm in the process of cataloging my collection to see what duplicates I have for trading purposes and to see what holes I need to fill. Once that is done, I'll be ready to make trades! But it might take me a few weeks to finish it and then I'll start posting what cards I have for trading and what cards I'll be looking for to add to my collection.

The site that I'm using to catalog my collection on line is Zistle ( It's a great site that is very user friendly and is populated and updated by its members.