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Big Sports card collectors

Collecting cards for about ten years. I am a very big Boston RedSpx fan, Celtics fan, and Steelers fan.

I have many cards for trade and am looking to complete my collection.

Whether tou are interested in selling cards to me or Trading me...please contact me if you are interested.

Percy Harvin rookie GU or Autos.
Pierre Garcon Rookie GU or Auto.(also looking for chrome rookie)
Lamaar Woodley GU or Autos.
Adrian Peterson Chrome rookie or GU.
Sidney rice GU Rookie or Chrome Rookie.
Pierre Thomas GU rookie or Chrome rookie.
Chris Cohglan GU Rookie.
Dustin Pedroia GU.
Jacoby Ellsbury GU.
Rajon Rondo GU rookie.

If you have any cards you are interested in selling or trading.