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bakers trade/want page

hi everyone. this is just a list of cards i need/want. if u want to see what i have for trade just ask or look at my posts. thanks, brian

i collect these:
bears- rcs/autos/GU/vintage/#ed
yanks- autos/vintage/GU

i also need these for my football sets:
07 press pass:

i will also trade for DVD's.

i also have these DVD's for trade for cards/dvd's:
Miami Vice- WS SE
The Believer- screener
Bowling for Columbine- screener
Dueces Wild- screener

i also have these hallmark sports ornaments. need any not on this list. they must have/be in the original box.
'01 m.lemieux
'06 arod
'04 j.kidd
'02 d.jeter
'05 a.pujols
'03 j.giambi
'04 b.bonds
'01 s.sosa
'02 g.brett
'97 h.aaron
'97 m.johnson
'05 c.anthony
'96 l.bird
'99 m.ali
'97 j.namath
'98 g.hill
'95 l.gehrig
'96 s.paige

i do have a extra b.bonds for trade.

plmk, brian