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The Trade Box

What I Need:

Miles Austin
Tony Romo
Drew Brees
Albert Pujols
Adrian Peterson
Demarco Murray
Phil Mickelson

Autographs I Need:
Mark McGwire
Rickey Henderson
Sammy Sosa
Greg Maddux
Steve Young
Michael Irvin
Roger Staubach
Terry Bradshaw
Walter Payton
Phil Mickelson

Game Used I need:
Dan Marino
Joe Montana
John Elway
Brett Favre
Tom Brady
Emmitt Smith
Barry Sanders
Adrian Peterson
Demarco Murray
Derek Jeter
Tony Romo
Phil Mickelson

What I have To Trade:

Nomar Garciaparra 2003 Fleer Focus jersey card
Mike Piazza 2006 Fleer Ultra jersey card
Roger Clemens 2002 Upper Deck jersey card
George Brett 2004 Topps jersey card
Ken Griffey Jr 2005 Upper Deck bat card 30/115
Barry Bonds 2003 Fleer bat card 33/349
Cal Ripken Jr. 2002 Fleer jersey card with Alan Trammell
Barry Bonds 2003 Topps Finest jersey card
Sammy Sosa 2003 Topps Pristine bat card
Sammy Sosa / Roger Clemens 2004 Sweet Spot dual patch card 59/60
Sammy Sosa 2004 Donruss Timelines jersey card
Steve Garvey 2005 Donruss autograph/bat card
Sammy Sosa 2004 Leather and Lumber jersey card 237/250
Arod 2003 Topps Pristine jersey card
Arod 2004 Fleer. Platinum jersey card
Vlad Guerrero 2001 Donruss Classics bat card
Arod 2002 Topps Reserve jersey card
Arod 2001 Upper Deck jersey card
Arod 2004 Playoff Prestige jersey card
Arod 2003 Leaf jersey card
George Brett 2004 SP Legendary Cuts jersey card
George Brett 2003 Topps Pristine jersey card
George Brett 2001 Upper Deck jersey card
George Brett 2002 Fleer Rival Factions jersey card Kirby Puckett on the card
Greg Maddux 2002 Upper Deck jersey card 135/150
Randy Johnson 2004 Leaf Limited jersey card 4/50
Arod 2002 Upper Deck jersey card
Arod 2002 Playoff POG jersey card
George Brett 2004 SP Legendary Cuts jersey card
Roger Clemens 2004 Donruss Timelines jersey card

Tony Gonzalez Rookies. I have a bunch
Donovan McNabb Rookies. I have a bunch
Drew Bledsoe Rookies. I have a bunch
Jake Plummer Rookies. I have a bunch plus two autographs
Roy Williams 2002 Topps Pristine jersey card. The safety not the WR
Quad Jersey card 2006 Brees/Tomlinson/Gates/McCardell 43/50 Playoff Absolute
Randy Moss 2002 Fleer Premium jersey card
Steve Young 2006 Donruss Classics jersey card 124/150
Mark Brunell 2001 UD Graded jersey card
Warrick Dunn 2006 Donruss Gridiron Gear jersey card 57/125
Terrell Owens 2002 Topps Reserve jersey card
Terrell Owens 2005 Leaf Rookies and Stars jersey card 1/250
Joey Harrington/Donovan McNabb dual jersey card 2002 SP Authentic
Donovan McNabb 2003 Fleer jersey card 208/500
Jamal Lewis/Shaun Alexander dual jersey card 2003 Playoff 88/150
Drew Brees Rookie Card 2001 Pros and Prospects Future Fame #F3
Drew Brees Rookie Card 2002 Rookie FX Upper Deck #263 379/750
Reggie Bush Rookie Jersey Card 2006 Sage. Card is a dual jersey with Vernon Davis
Steve Young 2000 Topps Archives Reserve jersey card
Randy Moss 2003 Fleer jersey card
Randy Moss 2002 Fleer Genuine jersey card 209/500
Terrell Owens Triple Color Patch Jersey card 2005 Donruss Elite 20/25
Jr. Seau 2001 Leaf Rookies and Stars game used football insert
Jake Plummer autograph SP Authentic 2002
Steve Young 2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven jersey card 70/75
Rod Smith 2005 Leaf Certified jersey card 88/175
Eddie George 2002 Flair Franchise Favorites jersey card
Doug Flutie 1999 Upper Deck Black Diamond piece of history game used ball
Isaac Bruce 2002 Atomic jersey card
Terrell Davis 2001 Playoff Alma Mater Materials jersey card Georgia Bulldogs
Drew Bledsoe 2002 Upper Deck XL jersey card 365/800
Drew Bledsoe 2002 Upper Deck jersey card
Drew Bledsoe 2003 Fleer Mistique jersey card. Peyton and Rich Gannon also on card 125/299
Randy Moss 2002 Fleer Flair Jersey Heights jersey card
Ricky Williams 2001 Upper Deck Game Gear jersey card
Ricky Williams 2003 Fleer History of the Draft jersey card 52/99 Skybox Limited Edition
Ricky Williams 2 Color Patch card 2000 Pacific
Triple Jersey Card Ricky Williams/Priest Holmes/LaDanian Tomlinson 2003 55/150
Quad Jersey Card Jake Plummer/David Boston/Corey Dillon/Peter Warrick 2002 Pacific
Jake Plummer Autograph 1999 Donruss
Clinton Portis Rookie Jersey Card 524/800 2002 Leaf Certified Freshman Fabrics
Roy Williams 2004 Upper Deck Reflections jersey card defense Roy not WR
Dallas Clark dual jersey card with Byron Leftwich 2003 Playoff Honors
Marshall Faulk dual jersey card with Donovan McNabb 2003 Fleer Sweet Selections 173/325
Quad jersey card Shaun Alexander/Larry Johnson/ edgerrin James/Tiki Barber 162/250 Playoff Prestige 2006
Tony Gonzalez 2003 Flair jersey card
Tim Brown 2002 Playoff POG jersey card
Priest Holmes 2004 jersey card Upper Deck Reflections