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Brewerfan34 Baseball Trading Page

This page is constantly under construction and editing. I also have a photobucket and a site, both Brewerfan34 with lists of cards, pics, etc...

My main wants right now would be Allen and Ginter Brewer cards, any year any player even duplicates I take!

Cards for Trade
2009 Topps Heritage base

# Name Team
4 Edison Volquez Reds
6 Bradon Inge Tigers
7 Lincecum/Bochy Giants
22 Khalil Greene Cardinals
26 Miguel Tejada Astros
29 Johan Santana Mets
44 Dana Eveland Athletics
50 Curtis Granderson Tigers
54 Jonathan Papelbon Red Sox
62 Greg Maddux Dodgers
76 Jered Weaver Angels
78 Joe Saunders Angels
83 Derek Jeter Yankees
85 Justin Verlander Tigers
86 Jose Lopez Mariners
99 Lastings Milledge Nationals
108 John Buck Royals
110 Johnny Cueto
113 Brandon Moss Pirates
119 Wilkin Castillo Reds
127 Gaby Sanchez Marlins
128 Scott Elbert Dodgers
136 Matt Tuiasosopo Mariners
151 Checklist Giants
173 Brandon Phillips Reds
174 Checklist Indians
175 Tim Redding Nationals
176 Corey Patterson Reds
183 Checklist Pirates
197 Orlando Hudson Diamondbacks
200 Ken Griffey Jr. White Sox
201 Chad Tracy Diamondbacks
202 Troy Percival
203 Chris Iannetta Rockies
205 Yunel Escobar Braves
209 Randy Wolf Astros
213 Dusty Baker Reds
229 Kaz Matsui Astros
230 Beckett/Lester/Matsuzaka Red Sox
233 Kerry Wood Indians
243 Andy Marte Indians
254 Brandon Lyon Diamondbacks
262 Mark Teahen Royals
265 Justin Upton Diamondbacks
269 Jeremy Hermida Marlins
277 Bobby Crosby Athletics
289 Carlos Delgado Mets
316 Wilson Betemit White Sox
327 Kyle Lohse Cardinals
328 Jesus Flores Nationals
329 Edwin Encarnacion Nationals
330 Franklin Gutierrez Mariners
365 Carlos Quentin White Sox
367 David Dejesus Royals
377 Alex Rodriguez Yankees
387 World Series Card Rays Phillies
390 World Series Card Rays Phillies
401 Dan Uggla Marlins
404 Chris Young Padres
416 J.C. Romero Phillies
417 Martin Prado Braves
434 Jon Garland Short Print Angels
447 Adrian Beltre Short Print Mariners
484 Chase Utley Short Print Phillies
494 Matt Holiday Short Print Rockies
497 Roy Halladay Blue Jays
500 Billy Wagner

Baseball Flashbacks
BF7 Brooks Robinson Orioles

News Flashback
NF1 Aswan High Dam Egyptians
NF3 Weather Satellite-Tiros-1 Weather Forcasters

Then and Now
TN1 Ernie Banks Cubs Ryan Howard Phillies

New Age Performers
NAP11 Cole Hamels Phillies
NAP12 Dustin Pedroia