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    It is great to collect! So lets trade!


    My name is Pedro Cortes and I have been a collector for more than 20 years. I have been in SCF for the past 15 years plus. Not as many points as other HOF Members, because I have dedicated to trade many times with the same fellow traders.

    I had eye surgery three times on the last 5 years, still not 100% on eye sight. Thanks for your patience!


    A quick note concerning my trading habits...

    Please recognize that card collecting is my HOBBY, not my job! Occasionally I disappear for a few days to manage the most important part of my life... my family! Also my boss does the same trick on me. This is unannounced and unpredictable.

    My professional schedule often limits my activity to weekends and often I can't mail items during the week. I appreciate your patience if you find that I am not responding to e-mail. It is not my intention to abandon a trade so feel free to e-mail me again as a reminder.

    Registered w/Ebay,Beckett,CTF,The Old Card Village, Sports Card Heaven, myspace, Paypal and other trade boards. And soon selling on Abebooks and Amazon!


    ---TRADE POLICY---
    After we complete the trade details, I will send cards immediately, using proper packaging. Upon receiving your cards, I will leave a good trader point & send a follow up email confirming delivery.

    DEADBEAT TRADERS ALERT: I will file mail fraud charges & notify the proper internet sites if you fail to complete our transaction due to non-payment, not sending cards or knowingly sending damaged goods. I will not hesitate to take the necessary actions.


    Also, acquired over 300,000 cards; baseball and basketball. If you have any needs, let me know and may have what you are looking for. Tons of inserts, parallel and numbered cards. Thanks

    My wantlist


    Summer is fun, let's have fun!

    Looking for the following needs!

    bb oddball cards
    bb error cards
    Roberto Clemente cards (specially newer cards)
    NYY players, in 2012-14 roster in NYY Uniform any year in NYY Uniform
    All of these needs in 2011-14 cards!

    - All Roberto Clemente and Orlando Cepeda 1990 and newer cards

    - Any and all base/parallel/sp/insert/GU/RC/Auto of Giovanni Soto (Cubs,Rangers), Angel Pagan (Giants). Javier Baez (Cubs), Francisco Lindor (Indians), Nolan Arenado (Rockies); Nick Travieso and Neftali Soto(Reds), Christian Vazquez (Red Sox); George Springer, Carlos Correa, Carlos Corporan, Enrique Kike Hernandez (Astros), Jose O Berrios (Min), Jose de la Torre (R Sox),Raymond Fuentes (SD), Chris Colon (KC), Martin Maldonado (Brewers) Melvin Nieves (Phil) Rene Rivera (SD), Mike Aviles (Cle).

    Any parallel, insert, gu, auto regular cards (specially 13 and 14) of Carlos Beltran, Yadier Molina, Angel Pagan and Alex Rios

    - Any card from the following players: Posada, Jeter, Mariano Rivera.

    - Any card in NYY Uniform of CC Sabathia, M. Musina. and J Vazquez.

    - Any 70's and previous NYY star player. in NYY uniform, on '80 and newer cards.

    - Any 2012 to 2014 card of Ivan Rodriguez, Carlos Delgado, Carlos Beltran, Alexis Rios, Jonathan Sanchez, Yadier Molina, Giovani Soto, Mike Lowell, Jorge Posada, Andres Torres, Luis Atilano, Alex Cora, Ramon Castro, M. Maldonado (Brewers catcher), Carlos Corporan (Astros catcher), Ivan de jesus Jr., Irving Falu, Wil Nieves, Angel Pagan, David de Jesus, Mike Aviles, any of the Molina brothers, Rene Rivera (SD), Hector Santiago (CWS),Pedro and Jesus Feliciano (Mets), Felipe Lopez, Ian Snell, Joel Pineiro, Omir Santos Yohanis Cespedes, Danny Viciedo, Jose Abreu and Aroldis Chapman. Any year parallel card of any of them.

    - Any 2013-14 card of A Pujols, Harper, Trout, Ichiro (who else does not want any of them?)

    2nd in importance

    _ Any WBC card of Team Puerto Rico, specially all 2013 Topps Tribute

    - Any and GU/RC/Auto of Jonathan Sanchez(Giants, Pittsburgh)

    - I am looking for as many as I can get of the following Mc Farlane's BB Figurines

    '06 Clemente (regular and Fanfest)
    S. 15 Carlos Delgado
    '07 Fanfest Reggie Jackson
    C. 4 Johnny Bench
    3 inches Berra/Posada
    '05 Fanfest Ivan Rodriguez
    '04 Fanfest Roger Clemens
    S.10 Carlos Delgado white uniform (variant)
    S. 6 Jorge Posada
    S.7 Bernie Williams
    S.2 Ken Griffey Jr.

    - Can use starter sets of various sets, including T Allen & Ginter from 2007 to 2014, 2012-14 Topps Archives, 12-14 Gypsy Queen, 2013 Panini Cooperwstown, 2014 Prizm and any other set that have many HOF on it

    - 2007-12 Wax boxes/packs (unoppened)

    - 2006 Declaration of Independence set.

    - 2006 All Star Mc Farlane Clemente figurine.

    - Any Carlos Delgado Mc Farlane Figure

    --ANY AND ALL Carlos Arroyo Miami Heat, Orlando Magic,Detroit Pistons!! Any GU/#ed/Auto of Peter John Ramos Washignton Wizards(05-06)! Any Ricky Sanchez (05-06 Denver Nuggets), Any Guillermo Diaz (06-07 LA CLippers), Any Jose Juan Barea (Dallas Mavericks 06-11, Timberwolves 11-14), Renaldo Balkman (Knicks), Shabazz Napier and Mo Harkless. Any 1991 Wildcard Jerome Mincy, Ramon Rivas; any TCMA George Torres.

    -ANY card, baseball, 1972 or before, condition EX or better.

    -ANY and all 1993 Finest Baseball

    -Any and all of the following basketball players (commmons mostly):
    Daniel Santiago (01-02 and this year), Jose Ortiz 90-91 # 223, from Wildcard 91: Jose Ortiz, Ramon Rivas and Jerome Mincy. From 96 Hardwood Carmelo Travieso, from 92-93 Classic products Eddie Rivera.

    -My least important priorities (ask before sending any of these!)
    are (At this time, I am looking only for their 2008 to 2014 cards only!). If there is something from previous year I can take in trade for those are: parallel, oddball and insert cards. Remember, cards from 05 and 06 ONLY!!!):

    Juan Gonzalez, Roberto Alomar, Ivan Rodriguez, Bernie Williams, Carlos Delgado, Edgar Martinez, Jose Vidro, Ricky Ledee, Carlos Beltran. Also Roberto Clemente, Orlando Cepeda, Javier Vazques, Joel Pineiro, Ruben Sierra, Carlos Baerga, Tony Gwynn, Robin Yount, Eddie Murray, Cal Ripken, Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens, Greg Maddux, Michael Jordan, John Stockton, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, Scottie Pippen, Tony Kukoc, Rodman, K. Malone, and others.

    Also need other lesser players of 70's and 80's. Some of those are: Ed Figueroa, Felix Millan, Jose Cruz Sr., Sixto Lezcano, Benny Ayala, Rogelio Moret, Angel Mangual, Santos Alomar Sr., Pepe Mangual, Jose Morales, Ellie Rodriguez, etc.

    Usually, I do not collect expensive inserts, but now I am interested in grabing some game used and auto of some of those players and others.

    The order of the items are as follows:
    - Regular/Insert Sets
    - Baseball (Autographed cards, Game used)
    - Football (Autographed cards, Game used)
    - Basketball (Autographed cards, Game used)
    - Hockey (Autographed cards, Game used)
    - Golf (under construction)
    - Other Sports (under construction)
    - Figures (SLU's, Mattle, Headliners, Post, Mc Farlane, etc.)
    - Star players lots
    - Non sports (Still in progress)

    Cards (single) to complete sets (HAVE AND WANT LISTS!!)

    I will sell or trade for exact needs on an even trade (book value) basis. I also have single players cards of all sports. NAME YOUR FAVORITE PLAYER AND NEEDS AND I WILL TRY TO HELP YOU!!!



    All cards followed by ******* means that I could Trade ONLY for Autographs of the players of my selection.





    Some #ed, auto cards available for trade now are:


    Auto Baseball

    1997 Donruss Signature Shannon Stewart Red
    1996 Leaf Signature Bronze Jose Mesa
    2005 Diamond Kings Orlando Cabrera Auto (1/5) (*******)
    2004 Leaf Certified Materials # 152 Jermaine Dye (61/100)
    99 Just George Lombard and Jack Cust 94 SR Robbie Beckett Alex Ochoa
    Midre Cummings Joey Hamilton
    Carlton Loewer Todd Ritchie Dan Smith
    97 Best Premium Kevin Brown
    98 Team Best Buddy Carlile
    97 Leaf Sign. Jeff Reboulet and Bruce Ruffin
    95 Old Judge SR Rich Butler
    95 SR Mini Minor League All Star troy Beamon
    92 Classic Draft Pick Mike Buddie, Ritchie Moody, Brian Barber
    92 Front Row Draft Pick Shon Walker
    94 SR Draft Pick Paul O malley, Gar Finnvold, Rodriguez Smith, Roger Goedde, Jacob Shumate, Ryan Nye, Darrell Nichols
    95 SR Draft Pick Steve Dunn, Chris Hook, Vaughn Eshelman, Joe Ciccarella
    95 SR Preview Billy Hall, Anthony Manahan
    99 Just Kyle Paterson,
    01 Royal Rookies Kenny Nelson - Barnstormer (2501/3950)
    Ron Paulino Throwback (1447/5950)
    Luis Martinez - Barnstormers (2202/3950)
    Tony Pena - Futures (2961/4950)

    Game used BB

    2005 Donruss Championship Lyle Overbay, Tony Clark, Orlando Hudson bats, Andres Galarraga jsey.
    2001 Minor lg. centennial Jason Lane Bat
    2002 Topps Reserve Curt Schilling Jsey.
    2002 UD 40 Man Mike Hampton Super Swatch jsey. (93/250)
    2004 Fleer Showcase-Showcase grace Pedro Martinez jsey
    2004 Diamond Kings Joe Thurston #57 (RC) jsey/bat 128/150
    04 Playoff Honors Piece of the game Angel Berroa 82/250
    04 Donruss Diamond Kings Paul Konerko jsy/bat 11/100
    05 Ultra Follow the leader M. Ramirez, Seasons Crowns sean Casey, Ultra Kings gary Sheffield34/150 (all jsys)
    04 Bowman heritage threads Greatness Kevin Milwood jsy
    05 Donruss Timber & Threads Marcus Giles bat/jsy
    02 Topps Traded Tools of the Trade bat Tim Raines
    01 Leaf Rookies and Stars Freshman Orientation pedro Feliz bat
    03 Donruss Elite Back to the Future Josh Phelps 76/250 jsy
    04 Bowman Prospects Premiums Austin Kearns jsy
    04 Topps 205 Rafael Furcal, Eric Chavez bats
    03 Playoff Abs. Mem. Piece of the game Troy Glaus bat
    02 UD Diamond Connection 282/775 Rafael Furcal
    03 UD Superstars Gary Sheffield/S. Abdur-Rahim jys
    04 UD Marquee Atractions Eric Gagne jsy
    02 Bowman Heritage Edgardo Alfonzo Jersey
    03 Bowman Heritage Jersey Kash Suzuki
    02 Upper DeckR-DE Darrin Erstad Jsy (w. stripe)
    01 Fleer Platinum Lumberjacks Manny Ramirez Bat
    03 UD Vintage Rafael Palmeiro Dropping the Hammer
    02 UD Sweet Spot USA BAseball Justin Wayne (blue)
    USA Gold Winning Materials John Cotton Bat and Jersey (white)
    02 Stadium Club All Stars J. Olerud jersey (black)
    2002 Fleer Tradition Lumber Co. Moises Alou
    01 Pacific Private Stock Bats: Armando Benitez
    01 Fleer Legacy Juan Encarnacion, Andrew Jones Hit Kings Bat
    Not listed, over 400, FEEL FREE TO ASK!

    Have several 100's not listed, just ask!

    Auto FB

    92 Class Draft Picks David Klinger
    Tuff Stuff 8" x 10" Deacon Jones auto photo

    Game used

    Not listed, over 40 ask

    Auto Bsk.

    01-02 Topps Heritage Shane Battier
    00=01 UD SP Top Prospects Matt Santangelo, Eddie Gill, Chris Carrawell, Stromile Swift
    99 Edge Jumaine Jones, Devean George
    00-01 SAGE AJ Guyton (367/500), Khalid ElAmin (480/650), Pepe Sanchez (15/50), Justin Love (12/650), Shaheen Holloway (679/999), Primoz Brezec (510/999), Olumide Oyedeji (332/999), Lamont Long (890/999), Johnny Hemsley (648/650), Brian Cardinal (89/999), Antawn Jamison (52/150)******
    95 Draft Day SR Donny Marshall (3)
    95 SR Tetrad Bryant Reeves , David Vaughn
    97 Press PAss Anthony Parker (2)
    97 Hardwood Charlotte Series Jamal Robinson, Shea sEALS, Harold Deane
    99 Collector's Edge Jelani Gardner
    94 Kromax Eric Piatkowski (pemd)
    91 Courtside Elliot Perry
    95 SR Draft Pick Lawrence Moten, Eric Williams, Randy Rutherford
    Press Pass 97 James Collins

    #ed Basketball

    03-04 UD Finite Andrei Kirilenko (244/299)
    98-9 UD Intensity Tracy Murray (0963/1500)
    97-8 UD High Dimmensions Gary Payton (787/2000)
    200-01 UD Game used editionBIographics Pauk Pierce (57/100)

    Game used Bskt.

    02-03 Fleer Authentix Elton Brand
    01-02 Topps High Topps GIant Remains Allan Houston (blue jsy.)
    00-01 Skybox EX Genuine Coverage Antonio Mc Dyess (blue)
    02-03 Fleer Platinum Platinum Portraits Shane Battier (68/100)(aqua/red)
    02-03 Topps Xpectations John Salmons (black), Chris Wilcox (red)
    99 Press Pass Aut. Jsy. Card Steve Francis (64/300)(white)
    00-01 Fleer Game Time Game Time Uniformity Baron Davis Jsy (Blue/Purple)(pend)
    01-02 Fleer Showxase Darrius Miles Jersey (Black)
    00-01 E=X Jamal Mashburn Jersey (white)
    01-02 UD Pros & Prospect All Stars Warm ups Jerseys Jerry Stackhouse/Rasheed Wallace (blue/black)(pend)
    01-02 Fleer Showcase Best of the West Darius Miles (Black)
    02-03 Flair Court Kings Antoine Walker
    02-03 UD Flight Team Afernee Hardaway (white), Jerry Stackhouse (white)(pend)
    01-02 UD Ovation Superstar Warm ups Jerseys Terrel Brandon
    01-02 UD Sweet Shot Hot Spot Floor Mark Jackson
    Not listed, over 400 ask


    Golf (Under construction)

    Have many 01 UD cards, including inserts, could contact me with wantlist

    Other sports (Under construction)


    Mattel, Mac Farlane and SLU's

    Looking in trade only the following:

    any year SLU/Mc Farlane Clemente, any Edgar Martinez bobblehead
    08 Mcf Coop J Bench
    98 S 2 K Griffey
    03 MC Far IRod (regular & variant), Marlins
    03 McF Juan Gonzalez (regular & variant)
    03 Mc F Roberto Alomar (regular & variant)
    03 Mc F Bernie Williams Regular + Variant
    04 Mc Farlane Carlos Delgado
    04 3" IRodriguez and J Posada
    S. 10 Carlos Delgado (white & black)
    S.11 Carlos Beltran
    S 16 Carlos Delgado

    Have the following to offer
    Mattel, Mac Farlane and SLU's


    98 D. Hasek, M. Messier, E. Lindros, P. Kariya
    00 Spec. Ed. Wayne Gretzky
    96 Headliner Ray Bourque


    97 SLU Jeff Gordon
    Mc Far. J. Gordon, R.Wallace S.1, T. Srewart S.2

    06 Carmelo Anthony
    Jason Kidd (reg + variant)
    Kevin Garnett (variant)
    Shaq O Neal (Variant, black Heat)
    Allan Iverson
    03 Mac Farlane Allan Iverson (white jersey, closed mouth)
    Tracy Mc Grady
    Kwame Brown (white variation)
    Gary Payton (Seattle Retro)
    Karl Malone Utah Retro
    Steve Nash variant
    Carmelo Anthony (regular)
    S. Marbury Suns (2)
    99-00 Mattel Tim Duncan
    93 SLU SHAQ Attack ROY Figure
    98 Backboard Kings K. Malone, C. Barkley, G. Hill
    96 Headliners Pippen, Hill, Van Excel, J. Howaed, A. Hardaway


    '08 L. Tomlisson White
    '07 Jim Elway white
    '06 Ahman Green (white jsy. variant)
    03 Mc Farlane M. Vick (regular)
    A. Thomas S 5 (Variant, with white mouthpiece)
    03 MC Farlane E.Smith red gloves
    98 SLU CD Aikman/Smith, S Young/J Rice
    00 CD Payton Manning
    99-00 Jim Elway
    97 Heisman Bo Jackson
    96 Headliner T. Aikman, S. Young


    08 Coop D Eckersly Red Sox, blue shirt Sangberg, grey unif. Cobb, D Matsuzaka grey, K. Youkilis grey, Icgiro no ball in pack, C Schilling World Series Patch, J. Reyes black wristband, T Haffner SP
    2007 Jim Thome Black Shirt CWS, Robinson Cano Grey Uniform
    2006 C Ripken orange jersey
    2005 Cooperstown S.I Bob Gibson Grey, S. Alfonso Soriano (S. 11, Texas uniform)
    2004 McFarlane Variants S.8-10
    K. Brown Yankees
    J. Smoltz Grey Jersey
    Randy Johnson Expos (blister damage)
    T. Glaus BLC
    Nomar Garciaparra White (S.9)(2)
    C. Schilling Grey
    Alberto Pujols Grey
    Miguel Tejada O's
    Bob Gibson Coop. Grey
    2000-3 Mc Far. (ser. 1 to 7)
    Alberto Pujols (grey jersey, gold and black sunglasses)
    Ichiro (white variation with SEATTLE/MAriners (both) on front, S I) Sammy Sosa (grey uniform, S I)
    Nomar Garciaparra (Grey)
    Barry Zito (Grey)
    K. Griffey (Reds white)(pend)
    Sammy Sosa (Big Leagus ChaLLENGE)
    Mike Piazza (Big League Challenge)
    Derek Jeter S5 (variant, grey)
    Ichiro (White and grey variant, S. 5)
    2001 SLU Bagwell, Edmonds
    2000 SLU Pedro Martinez, Maddux, Jeter, Griffey Jr. (reds), V. Guerrero
    2000 Mc Farlane Mc Gwire, MC Gwire/M. Ramirez, Alex Rodriguez (variant, Big League Challenge)
    99 Headliner XL K. Griffey #ed to 15,000
    99 SLU N. Garciaparra, K. Griffey
    97 Stadium Star SLU B. Ruth
    96 SLU Ripken
    99 SLU CD A. Rodriguez, D. Jeter, K. Griffey, N. Garciaparra, G. Maddux
    98 SLU D. Jeter, K. Griffey
    98 Headliner Comm. Fig. Mark Mc Gwwire 62/70 Hrs.
    00 Castilla, Griffey Ext.
    96 Headliner C. Jones, M. Piazza
    92 Thomas, Griffey
    93 Canseco
    2002 Post Sosa, Arod; 2003 Post Schilling

    Team bulk lots for trade!

    For bulk trading, can agree on size. Have 1,000's of cards of most Yeams, including most brands and years 70's to '11. Can include *if requested) inserts, parallel, oddball, #ed,, even GO/Auto's. Card condition NMT-MT for 99+% of lots. Expect to receive the same in trade in NY Yankees in ubiform.

    All teams available, except

    LA Dodgers
    Houston Astros
    NY Mets
    Baltimore Orioles
    NY Yankees
    Oakland A's
    SF Giants

    Star Player lots (all sports, many more available, just ask)

    Bskt Teams

    All Teams available, except

    Chicago Bulls

    I could arrange for Team lots in other sports after agreement of trade/sell. I am and easy guy to work with, so you can trust me. Check my ebay points and auctions at gerservices. Email me with specific needs and we will try to work something out. Hope to hear from you in hte near future!