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    Traders stop here!!!!!!

    Welcome to my SCF tradepage. I've enjoyed trading cards and making friends here on since 2000. Thanks to everyone I've made trades with in the past. I'm looking forward to future trades and friends.

    [Section I] This is the incoming items section of my page, it lists the card(s) or memorabilia that I have traded for or bought recently.
    INCOMING ITEMS------------------------TRADER/Source-----date----------

    [SECTION III]-----------------W-A-N-T-L-I-S-T------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Here is an updated list of my current set needs. Of course, Im always looking for current Reds players cards also.

    ----------------------------BASEBALL NEEDS---------------------------*trade pending*

    1978 Topps baseball (92.1% complete)

    1984 Donruss(99.6% complete) : 248 Mattingly.

    1989 Upper Deck baseball(99.6% complete) : 1 Griffey Jr.

    2007 Topps Heritage baseball: 31,33b,35b,41,53b,58b,59,78b,98b,104,108b,130,150,168,

    2008 Topps Heritage Baseball:

    2010 Topps Tales of the game insert set:
    TOG18, TOG26, TOG27, TOG28, TOG29, TOG30.

    2012 Topps '87 Topps mini insert set:

    2013 Topps baseball Series I (insert sets)
    '72 Topps mini: 5,13,15,21,28,39,41,44,48,50.
    Calling Card: 5.

    ********************FOOTBALL NEEDS**********************************

    1980 Topps Football (528)

    1981 Topps Football:

    1985 Topps Football:

    2009 Topps Mayo Football

    -------------------Individual player wantlist-------------------------
    These lists will be updated regularly so check back often as I will add players and take players away especially during the season.

    **Baseball**: (looking for base and inserts of the following players:)
    Looking for the .25 stuff all the way up so don't worry if its just a regular issue, I can probably still use it.

    Wants: (In order of preference) ** most needed**
    Ricky Henderson
    Frank Thomas
    Derek Jeter
    Joey Votto
    Albert Pujols
    Miguel Cabrera
    Ricky Henderson
    Buster Posey
    Eric Davis
    Mike Schmidt
    Reggie Jackson
    Ken Griffey Jr.
    Andrew McCutchen
    Barry Larkin (pre95 and oddball only)

    **Football**: (same as baseball, I can use the base/reg issue stuff just as much as anything else.)

    Aaron Rogers
    Peyton Manning
    Dan Marino
    Tom Brady
    Aaron Dobson
    Andrew Luck
    Tavon Austin
    ......always looking for other stuff too. If you have something 'cool' just let me know.

    **Basketball**: (Listed in order of Priority for me.)
    Michael Jordan
    Kobe Bryant
    Kevin Durant
    Dominique Wilkins
    LeBron James
    Kyrie Irving
    Kevin Durant

    -----------Cincinnati Reds team sets (completed)---------------------

    1982 Topps (complete 2/6/11)
    1982 Topps Coca Cola (Complete: bought on EBAY)
    1987 Topps (complete 3/6/2011)
    1988 Topps (complete 2/6/11)
    1988 Topps (complete 2/21/11) (2nd set)
    2000 Kahn's Cincinnati Reds team set (x2) 2/6/2011