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    4/18/2016 1:05:01 AM

    Baseball Cards

    Hi, I'm Josh I've been a member since 2001 but sold mostly all my cards in 2003 stupidly so I'm just getting back into it again as of late 2010. I am becoming a huge fan of all these newer cards especially serial numbered and love to open packs and trade what I get. I haven't always been a fan of set building and I don't mess with parallels or sub sets, way to time consuming in my opinion. I would say I'm mainly a collector of Mike Trout and Red Sox cards focusing on the stars of the past. I also like rookie cards of star players and serial numbered cards. Let's Trade!

    Most single cards of any value that I have for trade are on my photo bucket please check it out.

    Also I am looking for the following cards as of 4/18/16:

    1965 Topps Stars
    Serial numbered rookies & stars
    Rookie cards of stars
    Mike Trout Serial numbered cards
    Mike Trout Relics
    Mike Trout Short Prints
    Bryce Harper Rookies & Prospect cards
    Carlos Correa Rookies & Prospect cards
    Kris Bryant Rookies & Prospect cards
    Topps heritage refractors, Chromes, Relics and rookies

    I also have the following prospects and inserts from the following years (2011 - 2016) to trade:

    '11 -'16 Topps Heritage singles
    2013 Bowman Prospects singles
    2013 Bowman Chrome Prospects singles
    2014 Bowman Prospects singles
    2014 Bowman Chrome Prospects singles
    2015 Bowman Prospects singles
    2015 Bowman Chrome Prospects singles