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Want List/Trade List

My name is Mike, and I'm basically a set builder. I collect baseball and have some football. I have cards from the early 90s to the present. Below is my Want List. If you have something I need, e-mail me with what your looking for, and I'll see what I have.

Want Lists: (* trade pending)

2001 TSC Baseball: #s160,196
2002 Donruss Diamond Kings: #s125,140,147,150
2002 Fleer Tradition SP'S: #s19,24,29,88
2002 Fleer Focus JE Edition"K-CORPS: #s5,10,12
2002 Fleer Genuine"Tip Of The Cap": #s2,4,5,7,8,10,12,14,15,16,18,19,20,22,24
2003 Fleer Tradition"Lumber Co." #s1,6,7,9,10,16,20,22,23,24,29
2003 Ultra: #237

2004 PlayOff Prestige Achievemevts: #s8,14

2004 UD Series #2 Super Sluggers(Retail): #3

2005 Topps Series 1 Dem Bums: #sCE,DN
2005 Upper Deck Series 1: #s124,202
2005 Upper Deck World Series Heroes(retail): #s1,2,13,19,20,24,30

If your looking for a certain player, LMK, and I'll see what I have.

If your looking for football,e-mail me with your want list.
Thanks for looking-----Mike