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OKPAPA'S PAGE I'm a 78 year old, retired GA Educator, widower, and
one daughter and two wonderful grandsons....the older one just back from Australia now with ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) and the next one is a very successful Manager of a SUBWAY Sandwich shop in the uptown side of North Atlanta. I have been collecting since 1991 and have a HUGE Collection, some basketball that I sure would like to sell...sets STARS, inserts and commoms all '90's I'M A SET BUILDER!!! no football ..have accumulated a little that I also would like to get rid of.....LET"S TRADE
Owen K Sterner 4092 Creek Court Stone Mountain GA 30083-5216

MY WANT LISTS * coming in trade

1998 LEAF FRACTAL MATERIALS interested and need most of the WOODEN variety Serially numbered to xxx/250 would trade well for OR BUY
have not had one offer or reponse....they are difficult!!!

2006 TOPPS Co-Signers (base set 1/100) 14,41,55,87, change...have not had a single HIT !

1998 DONRUSS COLLECTION both #'s Card # and (Collection #)
Part I Donruss completed
Part Two Leaf #18(218), 80(279, 156(355),167(366)
Part 3 ELITE #11(411),43(443),80(480),94(494),119(519),133(533)...
Part 4 Donruss Preferred...#1(551),4(554),7(557),15(615),18(18)

WILL TRY to add some new and current needs...okpapa owen sterner
very active in trading on