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Robs Baseball and Football Card Page

Hi there. I'm a fairly casual card collector. I collected comics for a long time, so I'm pretty good at handling stuff, but all I really know about cards is "For God's sake, don't mess up the corners!"

My philosophy

After a few trades with some excellent people, I've started forming a trading philosophy. Here are the highlights.

1. I collect and trade because it's fun. I hope it is for you, too.
2. The best trade is one where everyone is happy at the end of it, regardless of relative value.
3. I'm not a stickler for value, but I respect those who are. I will consult The Book because I want to make sure that when I make a trade request, I'm not insulting you (I've done that accidentally a time or two). If I make a request that is overwhelmingly in my favor, it's probably a mistake; if I make an offer that is significantly in your favor, it's probably not a mistake.
4. Extra cards do me no good just sitting in boxes under my desk. Most of them are meaningless to me--whether they're duplicates or uninteresting inserts or what have you. I like things that are meaningful to me.
5. I will strive to treat people the way I want to be treated. I remember both kindness and indifference.


Currently collecting Topps OD 2011, Topps 2011, probably 2010/2011 Allen & Ginter, and probably Topps Heritage 2011 (I have a big stack of those waiting to be opened). I am interested in baseball players from Hawaii (esp. Sid Fernandez), and Milwaukee Brewers. For more information, see below.

I'll mention this again, but: I like base cards.

Available for trade


Base: I way overbought (n00b fever) and have tons of base cards. Please send me a list and I will check it.

M-20 (SEA)
SC-2 (Posey), SC-12 (Garza)
SE-2 (Heyward), SE-6 (Jimenez), SE-9 (Posey)

TOPPS 2011 SERIES 1 and 2:

Base: Tons. I overbought here, too. Just ask or point me at your wantlist. I can do the digging.

Wal-Mart Black Borders: 22, 37, 54, 61, 65, 75, 101, 126, 141, 205, 215, 218, 230, 253, 267, 293, 308, 313, 321, 325

Kimball: 72, 41, 35, 29
History of Topps: HOT-9
Before There Was Topps: 1, 4
Diamond Giveaway (all redeemed): 20, 16, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1
Diamond Duos S1: Hornsby/Holliday, Jeter/Cano, Maddux/Hellickson, Upton/Stanton
Diamond Duos S2: 30, 28, 22, 21, 12, 6, 5
Ticket to Toppstown (all unredeemed): 2(2), 3, 5, 7 (3), 12, 15, 16 (2), 17, 19, 20 (2), 21 (2), 22 (2), 23, 24, 25 (2), 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 (2), 31, 32 (2), 36 (2), 37, 38, 43, 45(2)
Ticket to Toppstown 2 (all unredeemed): 37
60 Years of Topps: 103, 70
60 Years of Topps Lost Cards: 5 (OB), 6, 7, 9, 13
Topps 60: 94, 86, 75, 69, 41, 29
CMG Reprints: CMGR-12 (2)
Diamond Stars: 21, 6
Diamond Parallel: 425

I've got a T60A-MB (Marlon Byrd auto) that I'd trade for a T60A-PF (Prince Fielder auto). I recognize that the Fielder is a little bit more valuable than the Byrd and would naturally expect to give up more than just the one card. Not really interested in trading for other than Fielder...but you never know.

I just pulled a T60R-JC (Joba Chamberlain GU) that I'd trade for T60R-PF (Prince Fielder). Same as above.

T60R-AS (Alfonso Soriano) and T60R-TC (Tyler Colvin) were in my 2011 Series 2 boxes...not a Cubs fan, so I'd be willing to trade these for Brewers GUs or something interesting.

TLMP-BM (Brian McGann/Braves Manufactured Patch card) available.

OTHER: Coming soon. I am slowly building a collection of tradeable cards.

If you're interested in a Topps 2011/OD 2011 insert that's not on my trade list, let me know. I'm only really a completist about the base cards. Most insert sets don't really do anything for me, and while I like to keep them just for form's sake, I'm willing to trade most of them to the right person for the right cards. I'm easy. Just ask.



Mascots: M-16, M-18, M-24

Cards--inserts or otherwise--from other sets with Milwaukee Brewers players or CC Sabathia.

I am interested in baseball cards for any past or present MLB player from Hawaii. They do not need to be inserts or relics or anything special; base cards are great with me. Some of these guys may not have cards at all, since they go up and down all the time and may have never even made it to a 40-man:

Benny Agbayani (1998-2002)
Doug Capilla (1976-1981)
Steve Cooke (1992-1998)
Ron Darling (1983-1995)
Joe DeSa (1980-1985)
Carlos Diaz (1982-1986)
Scott Feldman (2005-present)
Sid Fernandez (1983-1997)
Mike Fetters (1989-2004)
Brian Fisher (1985-1992)
Charlie Hough (1970-1994)
Mike Huff (1989-1996)
Kila Ka'aihue (2008-present)
Shane Komine (2006-present)
Fred Kuhaulua (1977-1981)
Mike Lum (1967-1981)
John Matias (1970?)(as far as I know, two cards: 1970 Topps #444 and 1971 Topps #546)
Joey Meyer (1988-1989; he had at least one card, because I have it--1988 Topps #312)
Prince Oana (1934-1945)(forget it--extremely rare))
Tony Rego (1924-1925)(saw a beat-to-heck one for $13 once)
Jessie Reid (1987-1988)
Lenn Sakata (1977-1987)
Chad Santos (2006-present)
Bronson Sardinha (2007-present)
Dane Sardinha (2003-present)
Kurt Suzuki (2007-present)
Kanekoa Texeira (2010-present)
Shane Victorino (2003-present)
Brandon Villafuerte (2000-present)
Justin Wayne (2002-2004)
Milt Wilcox (1970-1986)
Jerome Williams (2003-present)
Johnnie Williams (1914)(he was on the '14 Tigers with Ty Cobb)
Tyler Yates (2004-present)

I might also be interested in Hawaii Islanders cards, but those are kind of rare and can get a little pricey and out of my trade range. Especially that Tony Gwynn card.

I am interested in team sets (including updates) of the Milwaukee Brewers from 1995 onwards, as well as individual Brewers from any year prior to 1994. I started listening to/watching/going to Brewers games in '94, and I have a '94 team set.

Under the "might as well" category, I am also looking for football cards for the following players:

Falaniko (Niko) Noga, Cardinals LB '84-'88
Al Noga, Vikings DT '88-'92
Petelo (Pete) Noga, Cardinal LB, '87
Raphel Cherry, Redskins & Lions S, '85-'88
Nu'u Fa'aola, Jets RB/Specials, '86-'89
Mark Tuinei, Dallas T, '83-'97
Tom Tuinei, Detroit DT, '80
Russ Francis, Pats/Niners TE, 1975-1988

Not sure what I can trade for them yet, but I'd be interested in knowing if cards for some of these guys even exist. With the exception of Francis, I watched these guys play for the University of Hawaii when I was a kid.

I am also generally interested in NFL cards for any University of Hawaii alum.