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About Us:

WallytheGreenMonster - All-Star 50+ points - Since July, 2007

Ever since July of 2007, we have fallen in love with trading online with Sports Card Fun. We have gotten the spectacular advantage to meet new people via, of course, emailing and trading sports cards. We have made around 200 trades (some of which were with the same people), and became "Veteran" traders in just a couple months. We are die-hard Red Sox fans, and live to collect their cards of current players. We also are die-hard Celtics fans, and focus currently on our Super-Collection of 90+ Glen "Big Baby" Davis cards.

In May of 2008, we personally met Dustin Pedroia at a Bank Opening in Lynn, MA. In June of 2007, we met and got an autograph of Tim Wakefield.
In February 2009, we got Autographs of 12 Red Sox Minors incl. Lars Anderson, Josh Reddick, and Daniel Bard (all on one Ball)

As our journies continue, we pledge ourselves to our loyal traders, and have never rejected someone without the slightest bit of negotiation first.

We also trade as the username "jsox" on Sports Card Forum. (200+ feedback).