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2003 fleer tradition update- long gone 19(griffey)

2003 fleer tradition update- turn back the clock 2-5-6-10

2004 ultra hr kings 5(griffey) 7 (sosa)

2002 donruss orginals
366 pujols

2011 topps update 175 (trout)
2011 bowman draft chrome 101 trout

( all pedro villarreal- cincinnati reds)
2011 donruss elite
prospects signatures status black card #176 auto ser no# to 1
prospects signatures status gold card # 176 auto
prospects status gold card # 176 ser # 10

2011 limited prospects optichrome #6 ser# to199

2013 panini prizm prizms finite card # 240 ser no# to 1

2013 select select prizm card no# 173 ser no# to 99
select prizm black card no# 173 ser no# to 1

2013 panini americas pastime
no# 220 black no# to 1

2002 donruss rookies

1999 topps 220
1980 topps 482
1978 topps 707

1977 topps

starting a trade list, will be adding more weekly

2002 bowman best #95(tb) m lara-#161(bos) j schuda #174 montalbano(bos)
2004 bowman #166 rudy gullen (2) (nyy)
2004 topps blue chips jason bay (pitts)
2006 bowman signs of the future sof-mb michael bowden (bos)
2006 bowman draft dp83 refractor matt long (cws)
2006 bowman draft dp-77 steven wright (clv)
2006 bowman draft dp-75 joshua butler (tb)
2006 bowman signs of the future sof-jc jeff clement (seattle)
2007 bowman bc246 young il jung (laa)
2007 bowman bp-130 chad tracy (tx)
2007 bowman blue bp130 chad tracy (tx)
2007 bowman bc-226 tommy mendoza (laa)
2007 bowman bc-222 refractor jeremy papelbon (cubs)
2008 bowman bcp241 josh kreuzer (tor)
2009 bowman bcp127 eric sogard (sd)
2010 bowman platinum refractor bpa-ah adeiny hechavarria (tor)

2005 bowman chrome draft chrome blue bdp 76 scott blue (boston)
2006 bc24 blue john vanden berg (phil)
2006 bowman chrome draft fg-5 blue neil walker (pitts)
2006 bowman chrome 90 roger clemens (hou)
2007 bdp orange 181 chase utley (phil)
2007 bowman orange 147 jeff kent (lad)
2007 bowman blue 167 tim hudsopn (atl)
2008 bowman bdpp 73 greg golson (phil)
2009 bowman blue 24 a chapman (reds)
2010 bowman chrome bcp-2 melky mesa (nyy)
2011 bowman green m brenly (cubs)
2011 bowman chrome draft 108 p goldschmidt (az)
2011 bowman chrome draft purple bdpp 80 cory spangenberg (sd)
2011 bowman chrome draft 18 maikel cleto (stl)
2011 bowman chrome draft 95 mike nickeas
2011 bowman draft chrome bdpp-30 michael fulmer
2013 bowman top prospects tp-27 javier baez (2)

2002 ultra glove works chipper jones (atl)
2005 bowman gold 171 ian kinsler (tx)
2009 ud goodwin champions cd-12 wyatt earp
2010 ud supreme green s-8
2010 ud supreme blue s-29 david wright
2010 topps mtog-14 strasburg (was)
2011 bowman draft gold bdpp-9 trevor bauer (az)
2011 bowman best bbp-15 d gordon
2011 brightest bbr-22
2011 bowman finest futures ff-3 c kershaw (lad)
2011 bowman finest futures ff-3
2011 bowman topps 100 tp-59
2011 bowman prospects purple 32-35-63-95-98-108
2011 bowman draft gold 14 matt carpenter (stl) 30-58
2011 bowman draft gold 95-98-100
2011 topps
dd18(2) dd-27 dd-hj
t-60-18 t60-42 t60-52 t60-69
gold 3-4-140-174-302-306-422

2013 topps opening day
blue 47-107-177-183
stars ods-4 posey ods-14 felix hernandez (sea)
celebrations 2-5-8-10-11-12
playhard 1-4-5-6-11-15-17-22-25
ball park fun 1-11-18-19-23-24

2014 topps yellow 64

game used
2003 hot prospects 82 m teiheira (tx)
alfonso soriano 04 fleer sweet sigs 167/216 bat (tx)
2003 fleer tradition throw back threads al leiter (nym)
2003 donruss gamers brandon webb (az)
2004 cracker jacks
tb-ab berror bat (kc)
tb-mc cabrera bat (fla)
tb-lw walker jsy (col)
tb-pl lo duca jsy (lad)
alfonso soriano 05 fleer tradition dt-as bat (tx)
2005 bowman draft 126 s mathieson(phil) 134 volquez (reds) 148 j hermida (fla)
2006 bowman draft fg-13 y gallardo (mil)
alfonso soriano 06 topps allstar as-as jsy (was)
2007 bowman draft bdpp-78 rich thompson (laa)
2007 bowman hertitage pg-gm black bat #17/52 g maddux (atl)
2007 topps all star stitches as-bs ben sheets (mil)
2008 bowman draft bdpp-70 shairon martis
2008 topps ozzie guillen (cws) c crawford (tb) r furcal (lad) b sheets (mil)
2008 ud piece of history
box score memories red bsm-10 soriano (chg) bsm-17 v martinez (clc) bsm-40 a rod (nyy)
franchise history fh-6 j papelbon (bos)
time less moments tm-39 utley (phil)
2011 topps topps 60 t60mri riverea (nyy) t60-dmc mccutchen (pitt)
2008 a&g agr-yg y gallardo (mil)

mfg patch/bat cards
2010 topps mfg bat mbb-155 killebrew (tc) mbb-177 reese (bkn)
2010 topps hat logo mhr-128 vlad guerrero (expos)

base cards
lots from 2001- 2010
2003 diamond kings 191 k-youklis
2007 ultra lucky 13 242 t tulowitzki
2011 topps walmart 27-39-46-47-57-62-77-92-112-125-127-139-141-164-169-175-181-184-199-258-307-322-336-341-373-389-403-425-465-482-511-523-558
2011 topps target 27-71-120-173-176-194-287-306-315-320