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Oddball Trade Page

I mostly have oddball/food issues for trade from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Below is a link to a Google Docs spreadsheet with around 35,000 cards for trade.

Link to Trade Spreadsheet

I need to publish my data out to this spreadsheet periodically, so if you want to see the most up to date version, just send me a message.

To limit the amount of data you need to wade through, click on the arrow and choose a value from the drop-down in the Team, Player, or Year column.

I've been tracking down oddball stuff for a long time, so I have most of the common stuff. Here are some of the things I am looking for:

'76 Red Barn, Safelon, and Buckmans Discs
'77 Burger Chef Discs
'77 Wilson Sporting Good Mini Posters
'78-82 Sports Photo Association Buttons
'80 Liberty Collector Club Match Books
'82-83 Perma Graphics Credit Cards Gold
'82 FBI Discs
'83-84 Ajax Dog Food
'84 NAAPCO Pencils
'84-89 O'Connell 8x10 Watercolor Portrait
'85-86 Big Apples Sportscards
'85 Thom McAn Discs
'85 Subway Discs
'85-'91 Topps Gallery of Champions Bronze
'86 Baseball Star Buttons
'86 General Mills (not 1987 or 1985)
'86 Meadow Gold
'87 Marketcom/Sports Illustrated Mini Posters
'87 Stuart Cakes
'88 Good Ideas Action Pop-Ups
'89 Kiscom Baseball Badgets
'89 MSA Key Food, Our Own Tea, Tetley Tea, Weis Winners, and Superstars Discs and Squares
'89 and '90 Phoenix Magnets
'89 Starline Promos
'89 Topps Heads Up
'90 Donruss Aqueous Test
'90s Mini Posters - Usually 3x5 - Starline/Costacos Bros/Nike,etc
'90 Salem Screen Mini Pennants Stickers
'90 Score McDonalds
'90-'91 U.S. Playing Cards Silver Series
'90 Windwalker Discs
'91-'92 Collectible Sports Art
'91 GV Inc. Happy B-Day Cassettes
'91 International Playing Cards
'91 Panini Sticker French
'91 Sports Viewer Keychains
'91 Star Shot Badges
'92 Dad's Kid Corp Tri-Cards
'92 LK Star Decals
'92 NewSport Magazine Inserts
'93 Pinnacle Cooperstown Card Dufex and Promos
'94 Topps Superstar Samplers
'96 Liberty Sports
'96 Pizza Hut
'96 Saim Venezuelan Stickers
'97 Cracker Jack
'97 Crown Pro Magnets and Stickers
'97-2001 Panini Stickers
'97 Topps Pro Shooters Marbles
'98 Betty Crocker Fruit Roll-Ups
'98 Game of Famous Faces
'98 Hamburger Helper
'98 Rocky Mountain News All-Stars
'98 Topps SportzCubz
'99 FroZSnacks High Screamer Lids
'00 Cap Cure
'00 Venezuelan Stickers
'01 Armour
'01 Cap Cure
'01 Venezuelan Stickers
'02 Cracker Jack
'03 and '04 Cadaco Discs
'03 Cracker Jack
'03 Fleer Pepsi
'05 MLB Superstars Medallions
'06 Hallmark Valentines
'06 Hardees 3D
'06 Konami
'06 Frito Lays
'07 Japanese Kelloggs

Also, interested in any Broders/Unlicensed cards, most square cut disc variations, error cards, and serially numbered cards less than /1000 of 80s and 90s superstars like Dale Murphy, Will Clark, Mike Schmidt, Boggs, Mattingly, Bo Jackson, Puckett, Yount, Rickey Henderson, Ripken, Nolan Ryan, George Brett, Ozzie Smith, Frank Thomas, Ryne Sandberg, Tony Gwynn, etc.